Under Watchful Eyes

Posted: March 24, 2014 by writingsprint in Dubrillion Burning, Science fiction
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JediThe commandos put Raffa and Jeana on their knees in front of good old Jedi Master Leera. The area was deserted, and probably crawling with sensors and trip mines. Raffa summoned what good humor he had. “Master Leera. Looks like that Republic non-interference policy you told me about has some fine print.”

Leera folded her arms. “You’re a fine one to talk about interference, captain. I warned you. You’re working with a known Sith lord and someone who simply doesn’t exist in any record in this galaxy to undermine a government supported by the Republic.”

Jeana snorted. She couldn’t do anything else. To keep her from using Force persuasion on the mercenaries, they’d put tape over her mouth before putting her hands in the bindings. For what it was worth, Raffa could speak ‘snort,’ and he agreed with her. “Can’t you Jedi ever get anything right?”

“Meaning?” Leera asked.

“Meaning the legitimate government of this planet is propped up by your worst enemies. Risha Drayen belongs on the throne and you know it.”

“Kala Ro has been an ally of the Republic since the beginning of the war.”

“Yeah? Was he bombing his own people then? Killing the ones who stood in his way?”

Master Leera lifted her chin. “Of course not. There were some targeted killings when he first took power, but it stopped after the transition. That’s regrettable but it’s certainly nothing unusual. Certainly better than the hundreds dying every day now.”

“’Targeted killings’? ‘Assassination’ too dirty a word for you? Or ‘murder’?”

“If you wish.”

“You make me sick.”

“And you think you’re helping? You could destabilize the whole sector. A return of the Drayens would turn this planet into the criminal capital of the Outer Rim!”

“Not Risha Drayen.”

“I know your record, captain Korsaro. You and your crew—Ms. Drayen included—aren’t the heroes some make you out to be. The two of you have turned quite a profit raiding Imperial shipping. And you let a pirate fleet go when you could have unleashed it on the Empire.”

Raffa spit on the ground in front of him. “Pirates? They were spacers, just like me. Not soldiers. We would have done some damage but half of us would have died and you blasted well know it.”

One of Leera’s agents came over. He whispered to her. Leera nodded. “This has been diverting, captain, but we have a lead on where your friends are. It’s time to put an end to this adventure of yours.”

Raffa squinted his eyes tight. He had blood behind every word as he moaned, finally screaming, “Don’t you give a damn about freedom?”

Leera knelt down to look him in the eyes. She stated, simply, “For the galaxy. Sometimes one planet has to be sacrificed for thousands.”

Jeana whipped hard against her restraints. She shook. Raffa could see the rage boiling under her skin. He really wished he could see her with her lightsaber right now. He felt the same way. Risha, Cartog, the others, how many would die when Leera found them? And for what? Because it was easier to let Dubrillion burn?

A blue laser dot appeared dead-center on Leera’s forehead.

Raffa choked out a laugh. He should have known better. He and Jeana looked at each other. Jeana grinned from ear to ear.

“Is something funny, captain?”

“Um…. you might want to rethink your plans.”

“Meaning?” Leera asked, standing up. The dot followed her perfectly, staying centered like a tattoo. Raffa knew only one person with nerves of steel like that.

“Meaning that my friends have found you. I’d stay perfectly still if I were you.”

On a clear channel, Raffa heard Risha say, “Jedi Master Leera. This is Risha Drayen, the rightful queen of Dubrillion, and I have a clear shot picture lined up on your head. I’m going to give you a ten-millimeter brain burn unless you and your team do exactly as I say.

“Your team will lay down its arms and lay down on the ground, now. You will release the prisoners, then lay down as well. All of you will stay that way until I give the word. If you violate these terms we will kill all of you.”

Leera’s Jedi calm was stretched very, very thin. “How can I trust you?”

“You don’t have a choice,” Risha said.

Someone else said, “You also have my word as a Jedi that you won’t be harmed.”

Leera’s mouth fell open. “Jaesa? Jaesa Willsaam, is that you?”

“It’s good to see you, Leera. I wish we were on the same side.”

Leera said, “Alpha team, stand down. Everyone on the ground. Violate this order and you’ll answer to me personally.” She looked into the distance, where she imagined the targeting dot came from. “Jaesa, I hope you know what you’re doing. Ms. Drayen, I accept your terms.”

“My proper title is ‘your highness,’ but that’ll do.”

Raffa smiled as the Jedi released their bindings. Jeana took the tape off her mouth. Leera didn’t resist as Raffa and Jeana took back their weapons. She stared at them as she knelt down. She waited for the quick burn that would end her life. It didn’t come. She lay down with her face in the dust, still looking at them.

“This isn’t over, pirate,” Leera said.

Jeana pat her on the head. “Look at it as making a sacrifice,” she said.

Sith,” Leera hissed, hating the feel of the word on her tongue.

Jeana said, “It sounds better if you sing it. Siiiiith.”

They left Alpha team’s stronghold under Risha’s watchful eyes.

This is something I wrote on the flight back from the conference. I’ve been tossing around writing a fanfic novel/ette about my characters from Star Wars: The Old Republic. I know I could never sell it, but I do like the characters and think it would be a fun story.

  1. A.D. Everard says:

    I really like this – and you wrote it on a flight back home? This is brilliant stuff!

    I like the turn-around (like, “How do YOU like being considered a sacrifice?”). Some great lines in here, too. I like: For what it was worth, Raffa could speak ‘snort,’ and he agreed with her.

    And this bit: Jeana whipped hard against her restraints. She shook. Raffa could see the rage boiling under her skin.

    You’ve got a ton of books in you, you do know this, don’t you? 🙂


  2. […] by Allyson‘s kind words for my post “Under Watchful Eyes,” I’ve decided that my next big project is going to be a fan fiction story for Raffa, […]


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