Even a Zombie Needs a Hobby

Posted: March 13, 2014 by writingsprint in Science fiction
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Zombie GumpWhat they don’t tell you about the zombie virus is that not everyone wants to eat brains. Not everyone can. And you don’t all lose your mind.

My hand broke off as I tried to walk through the gate to a football stadium, where I thought I heard pigeons. I didn’t feel it. I didn’t feel anything. If I could have shed tears, though, I would have, as I looked at the stump and the bit of graying bone that used to attach my magic fingers to my arm. I had lifted weights with that hand. Pet my dog. Caressed my wife’s cheek.

I groaned. It came out like a rattle. Lungs dry as old leaves fluttered and flaked as I tried to breathe. Bones pierced the tissue. A few dried-up bits were lodged in my throat, so I couldn’t make any sounds without the added music of rattling.

I would eat birds, mice, rats. Pigeons are pretty dumb. Sometimes I could reach one of those. It’s not like I would starve if I didn’t. I never ate people. I don’t know why, but zombies like me don’t crave them. I missed people, but I knew I wasn’t one anymore. I didn’t like the looks of terror that I got when they saw me. So far I’d been shot in the arm, leg, belly and shoulder. And neck. That was as close as I got to the magic shot to the head.

The crazy thing is, even though I’m dead, I don’t want to die. I don’t have enough brains left to be thoughtful or depressed about it. I just go on, because that’s what I do. Why does the wind keep blowing? Why does the sun keep rising? That’s the reason why I haven’t walked off a cliff yet. Because it wouldn’t kill me, and at least this way the view keeps changing.

Maybe I’ll walk around the world. Even a zombie needs a hobby.

This post was inspired by the word “decay.”

  1. A.D. Everard says:

    Oh boy! This had me smiling and cringing at the same time. LOL. He sounds like a nice kind of zombie, though. 😛


    • I have to admit I’m squeamish when it comes to zombie stories. I’ll fade to black or make someone’s death as quick as I can. To write a blurb about “decay” I thought about someone wasting away from a disease, and then that brought me to zombies. I wondered about contrasting the pathos with the crackhead-rush of how eating someone probably makes him feel more alive, but… ick. I guess as a writer I need to go there at some point. Probably some good, intense emotion that I could tap.


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