Oh, Joy

Posted: March 12, 2014 by writingsprint in Fantasy
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exterminatorPart four of “Don’t Mess with the Dreamcatchers”
Carl swept down every web he could find, sprayed down the deck and the porch, and vacuumed the house. Jessie felt better as the day went along and the antibiotics had a chance to work. She even felt smiled at dinner and didn’t fuss over eating.

There weren’t many new webs the next morning, and the exterminators came and took care of those. The exterminator did tell him that there was no sign of a serious spider infestation on the property. No nests, no egg sacs, no sign of them in the wood decking. The grass near the house was well trimmed and they had no ivy. Web spinners were generally “good guys” anyway.

Jessie hugged Carl’s legs as he watched the exterminators leave. He caressed her hair. He didn’t know what to think about the spiders, but he did know that now that they were gone, Jessie was better. Jen thought Carl was a little nuts bringing in the exterminators, but for a one-time thing she didn’t argue about it if it made him feel better.

Carl woke up the next morning with a sore throat. The light stabbed his eyes with needle points. Carl squinted. “Ow. Damn.” He coughed. He barely swallowed spit through his swollen throat. It ached all the way down.

Carl sat very still.

Jen hit the snooze bar on the alarm and rolled over. “Did you say ‘damn’?” she asked into her pillow.

“I think I’m sick,” Carl said. He started checking himself for bites. He grimaced as he swallowed again. Carl’s sick spot was his throat. If he got sick, he always got a sore throat. He hated that. Carl realized he had chills, too. The room was plenty warm, but he wanted another blanket.

Jen sat up, sleepy but not sick. She touched his forehead. “Uh oh. You’re hot. The bad kind, not the good kind. Looks like you caught something from taking care of our little one.”

“So much for my spider theory. There isn’t a web anywhere in the house. There shouldn’t be for a month.”

“Yeah, well. Now we know we’re not being invaded. Get some rest today.” She kissed his cheek. Then she frowned. Jen gently touched his face and nudged it to the side.


“Well, maybe it wasn’t a spider, but something bit you. You’ve got a bug bite behind your ear.”

Carl felt cold, and not from the chills. While Jen went to have breakfast and check on Jessie, he went into the bathroom, stripped down, and looked himself over. He had three other bites on his body: his neck, his arm, and his foot.

Oh, joy.

  1. A.D. Everard says:

    Warming up! I’m waiting to see spider webs everywhere. 🙂


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