Crackling, Electric Touch

Posted: March 11, 2014 by writingsprint in Fantasy
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porch-webPart three of “Don’t Mess with the Dreamcatchers”

The hair stood up on the back of Carl’s neck as they came up the driveway. There were two spiderwebs on the front porch. His gaze darted to the vibrating spiral of a third, in work, by the feverish, dancing dot of a little brown spider like the one that he shooed out of Jessie’s room the day before.

Jessie was asleep in the back seat. “All right. This is war,” Carl said.

He carried her into the house, careful to look out for more webs as he opened the door. There weren’t any, yet. He imagined the crackling, electric touch of spider silk on his neck. There were none in the foyer. In the living room, he spotted one in the rafters of the upper ceiling. It might have been there before, but he wasn’t counting on it. He would need to stand on a ladder to get to it.

None in the stairwell. One in the corner of the hall, near Jessie’s room—a small one, hidden behind a light fixture, that he could have mistaken for dust if he hadn’t been looking. Carl grit his teeth. He wanted to swat it away now, but he had Jessie in his arms, sleeping the first peaceful sleep that she had all day. Carl gave the web an ugly look. He would take care of that one first.

He lay Jessie on her bed and put her favorite stuffie—a fuzzy penguin doll—under her arm. Carl searched her room for half an hour and didn’t find any webs. He was about to walk out of the room and make the call to the exterminator when he finally spotted one. The spider strung the web between branches on the tree outside. Carl snorted. “Well played, spider. Stay out there,” he murmured.

Carl found three exterminators in the area, and one that promised 24-hour response time. Carl made an appointment. It would be better to take Jessie out of the house while he worked, just to make sure the fumes didn’t irritate her throat.

As he hung up the phone in the kitchen, Carl gave himself a head check. “All right, man. The doctor says it’s not spiders. Are you going too far here?” Maybe. He should give it a day and see if Jessie started to feel better. With the antibiotics and more rest, she should start to turn it around.

On the back porch, he saw another web strung between the barbecue and one of the deck chairs.

“The hell with this. Something’s up,” Carl said. He picked up a broom and got to work.

  1. A.D. Everard says:

    This is great. I love that he’s already on the look out for them and knows something is wrong. I just know it’s going to get worse! 🙂


  2. Much worse 😀 ! (Is it wrong that I smiled when I said that? 😉 )


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