Caught It Early

Posted: March 9, 2014 by writingsprint in Fantasy
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sick childPart two of “Don’t Mess with the Dreamcatchers”

“My head hurts.”

Carl touched Jessie’s forehead. He knew there was something wrong when she didn’t come bouncing into the bedroom to wake them up like she always did. Carl stood by the bed, with Jen behind him, both still in their pajamas.

“Is it warm?” Jen asked.

“Like the side of my mug after pouring coffee. I’ll call the doctor.”

Carl was able to get an appointment for that afternoon. While he was talking, Jen learned into the bedroom. She whispered, “She has aches and chills, too.”

Carl passed that along. When he came back to the Jessie’s room, their daughter was sitting up and moping. She looked a healthy shade of frustrated. He took it as a good sign. Jessie was a little fighter. Jen squeezed her hand.

Carl said to Jessie, “No pre-K for you, young lady. Do you want pancakes in bed for breakfast?”

She smiled. “With strawberries.”

“You got it.”

Jenny got up to get ready for work. As she walked past Carl, she said, “Text me and let me know how she’s doing, okay?”


Carl and Jessie spent the morning watching Dora the Explorer while sipping fruit juice. Cold aspirin helped. She took a nap before the appointment, something she normally didn’t do in the morning.

The doctor said she had a head cold. Her sinuses were clogged, with risk of infection. The doctor prescribed antibiotics and lots of bed rest. There was no problem there. Jessie barely wanted to lift her head.

As the doctor finished the examination, Carl noticed two little red welts on her arm. They looked like bug bites. Carl asked the doctor, “Could an allergic reaction to spider bites cause this?”

The doctor shook his head. “No. There’s no anaphylaxis, swelling, diarrhea… nothing like a bug allergy. This is a classic sinus infection. You might want to call an exterminator if you think you’ve got an insect infestation, though.”

Carl stroked Jessie’s hair. She rested her head on him as he and the doctor wrapped up the appointment. Carl still felt nervous. He’d seen Jessie get sick before, but not this much, this fast. He made a mental note to buy chicken noodle soup and her favorite comfort food on the way home.

His text to Jen said, “Appointment went well. Strong infection but caught it early. Will be fine.” Jen sent back hearts and a hug icon.

  1. The sickness of your child is one of the most scary things. You’ve captured that perfectly here.


  2. A.D. Everard says:

    You got the tension nicely. 🙂


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