Dark Brother

Posted: March 7, 2014 by writingsprint in Fantasy
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dark knightThe wizard lifted his hands. “Let me show you how strong you could become.”

Wolf lifted his shield to protect himself. Black lightning surrounded the wizard. Wolf lunged towards him, then the lightning crawled off the wizard’s body and formed another body in between them. Wolf saw himself, with every shadow darker, and every passion deeper.

Dark Wolf snarled and charged him. He fought like a hellion, fire in his arms, unstoppable. Wolf felt weaker than he had ever known. Every blow felt like a thousand angers deflected by bare futility, a protested word. The wizard laughed. Dark Wolf chased his honorable counterpart across the castle courtyard. Wolf could barely riposte to give himself breathing room. He felt doubt where Dark Wolf felt only rage.

“Wolf! he shouted. Dark Wolf kept coming. “Wolf!”




Dark Wolf’s teeth were lit by the flash light off his sword’s edge, and by the hate in his eyes.

Wolf threw down his own weapon and left himself wide open. “There is still honor in you!” he cried.

Dark Wolf barely kept from slicing him in two. The blade stopped close enough to touch his shoulder and cut some threads from his cloak. The wizard laughed. “You see? You see how weak you are? Think of the power that can be yours.”

Wolf looked at himself. The strength. The resolve. It was passion wrapped around purpose, but with no mind. It only wanted to lash out. “Wolf, listen to me.”

Dark Wolf whipped the point of the blade across his enemy’s face, angrily slicing his cheek. Wolf cried out. It could have been his head. The wizard laughed heartily. The wound burned.

Wolf breathed hard. The blood ran down his neck, blotting his cloak. He was still alive. Even mad with rage, Dark Wolf still wouldn’t kill his prisoner. He still had choice. Wolf remembered ever horrible night. The days when his enemies got away. The code had carried him through. And the words of his liege, the only father figure Wolf had ever known.

“You know that scars of regret are worse,” Wolf said.

Dark Wolf hesitated.

“Better to fight nobly…,” Wolf said.

“… than to rule people who fear you,” Dark Wolf finished.

The wizard howled in rage.

Dark Wolf threw his sword and took the wizard in the chest. He dropped to one knee to give thanks, like a knight, as he vanished with the burned smell of a lightning strike.

Wolf charged the wizard. The mage’s eyes widened just before Wolf lopped off his head. He simply couldn’t believe that he’d lost. Wolf dropped to one knee, and gave thanks, for victory, for a mostly pure heart, and a dark brother who had fought alongside him.


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