So Damned Weird

Posted: March 3, 2014 by writingsprint in Science fiction
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lost manStill playing around with this story, figuring out where I want to go with it. I needed to rewind on how Larry was born at the same hospital as Barry. It sort of defeats the purpose of having a story about clones if they both get born and have families. Clones are born full-grown, and that’s the cross Larry has to bear.

What is this mess, anyway? I wake up wandering the streets of Miami with amnesia. I’m lucky nobody mugs me. I have a wallet with a seventy-three dollars in cash and no driver’s license. The police take me to a hospital, which releases me to a mental hospital a day later.

No illness, just amnesia. I blow the top off the scale in evaluations. I know vector calculus. I think I’m an engineer. One of the doctors brings in mechanical drawings and I know how make the design better than it was before. I don’t know why.

They name me Larry Wilson after the supervising doctor. It’s cheesy but I take it. I’m a ward of the state for three months. A small engineering firm takes me on as a community service project. Three months later, they hire me as a junior engineer. Six months after that, I haven’t killed anyone and I’ve saved the firm’s bacon twice on new projects. People are inviting me over for lunch and barbecues. I’m doing okay.

How do you just lose an engineer? The weird part is, no one’s looking for me. The police never come to me saying that a missing person’s report has been filed. Was I a loner? Where did my memory go? Who goes walking around in downtown Miami without an ID or credit cards in their wallet?

My life goes on for five years after that. One day I get around to filling out an organ donor card. I get a call that I may be a match for a blood transfusion to this poor guy in California who’s dying. A few blood draws and DNA sequence tests later, and they tell me that not only am I a match for this guy, I am this guy.

So now I know that I’m a clone. A sentient clone. It’s never happened before. Was someone doing an experiment to see how long I would last? To see if it could actually work? To see if a month in I would go stir crazy or my brain would turn into baby food and drain out my ear?

I would have thought we’d be more alike. This guy’s happier than I am. He’s got a wife, two kids, a Schnauzer and his whole life ahead of him. I have a big black hole before where my life begins. I was let out on the street like opening the door to a lab rat’s cage. My life isn’t bad, but it’s half the life this guy had. They must have wiped my memory so that we both wouldn’t go home to same house.

Weird. So damned weird.


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