Not the Same Reflection

Posted: March 1, 2014 by writingsprint in Science fiction
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cloningCloning for body parts had been going on for about a decade. The most common process was artificial blood creation. Second after that was skin for burn victims. A small patch of skin could be grown in a day. More complicated cloning, like organs and bones, took longer. The more complicated the process, the more expensive and rare it became. Limbs and nervous system tissue were reserved for heads of state and the super-wealthy.

Barry, Larry and their mother Dolly walked quickly from baggage claim to a waiting limousine. Barry’s mother had insisted on a professional driver. They would be able to get away from the reporters faster than she or Barry could. They piled in practically one on top of the other. Larry yanked the door shut and driver peeled out as soon as the door closed.

Larry shook his head. “What a nightmare.”

Barry said, “You should see the hospital where we were born. You think this is a zoo? FBI, DA, state department, health department, they all want to know how this happened.”

“Somebody played God with our DNA. That’s what happened.”

Dolly looked at him. Her shoulders sagged lower and lower. “Was your childhood happy?”

“It was all right. My parents are great. I didn’t know I was adopted until I turned thirteen. They want to meet you, too. They just didn’t want to deal with all this.” He waved his hand at the limo and the news vans trying to follow them.

“I think it’s neat. What kind of food do you like?”


“I love Italian! Swear to God, I could eat it morning, noon and night. What are your favorite movies?”

Larry punched the roof of the limo. “Listen! You may think I’m a neat lab rat but my life isn’t something for you to get a kick out of. I came here to meet family. You want to play ‘look in the mirror,’ you can do that yourself.”

The intercom on the limo chimed. The driver asked, “Is everything okay back there?”

At first none of them knew what to say. Barry pushed the “talk” button. He looked nervously at Larry. “Yeah. We’re fine back here. Just getting to know each other.” He clicked it off. Barry folded his arms. He realized he was doing it in almost the same way as Larry so he stopped. “I… sorry about that. I thought we’d just automatically feel the same way.”


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