Stranger on the Subway

Posted: February 21, 2014 by writingsprint in Suspense
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strangerHe had a killer’s face. I don’t know if there was anything else about him then. Later on I picked up his movement, and the way his eyes never changed expression, but I think it was definitely his face when I first saw him.

He had eyes that were set just a little back into his head, so they were just a little more in shadow than you’d see on most people. The shade of his skin wasn’t any different from the average guy. His cheeks, though…they weren’t sunk, but they sucked in shadows and looked it. His chin was really strong, square and not clefted.

His hair was what told me he was a professional. He shaved, and no hair came onto his forehead. Every strand was where it was supposed to be. He wasn’t a hood. Hoods were big, dressed tought and felt like they had to prove it. He wasn’t a thug. Thugs were just paid hoods, guys who did someone else’s dirty work. And he wasn’t a mechanic. That was just a thug who had a few ounces of brains in his head, but had a weakness. A lifestyle or an alimony check to keep up, or an addiction.

This was someone who’d simply found he had a talent for killing people, nurtured it, and turned it into a profession.


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