A Storm Moving Across the Galaxy

Posted: February 18, 2014 by writingsprint in Science fiction
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Primaris psykerFour out of fifty soldiers fell. One was possessed and his brain exploded. The second was burned alive inside his suit, and killed mercifully by another marine. The third was frozen to death by a demon. He suffered cold burned inside through his armor and was killed when it shattered his armor and turned his torso to frost. The fourth died who when he was driven mad by a banshee. He fell to the ground, screaming holding his ears, then pitched over and lay still.

The exorcism of the other two marines made those troops wish they had been killed. Warden still had reason to smile. On the flip side, the psyker wrung the demons out and tortured them so that they died many times over, and painfully. The soldiers would get better, but the demons never would.

Night. The fleet fought off the Chaos fleet, and stood watch over the planet again. About a third of the fleet was wrecked and being scuttled or returned to port. The fleet resorted to nuclear weapons as the Chaos hordes pressed the battle. The nukes were too precious to waste, but the fleet commander didn’t want to mince words with the enemy and drag out the battle.

Two skimmers loaded with suppliers dropped off ammunition, meds, and two squads of marines. More important than that, the commander spared two of his psykers.

The psykers stood at opposite ends of the castle, so that the left, right, and center would be guarded in battle. For now, the two new ones let Psyker Foley sleep and rest his weary mind.

The two began a ritual of communing, to contact the castle’s spirits and try to get their help.

On the third day, the battle ended handed to hand. Demons rose up out of the ground nearby, just outside the wall. Demons rose up inside the wall and burned alive in white flame.

Warden found himself fighting three demons. He survived. Julius found himself fighting two demons and died.

After it was over, the psyker performed the alignment with the castle’s stone circle. When it was complete, his ears and eyes were bleeding. He said, “A storm is moving across the third arm of the galaxy. It’ll last for a year.”

That was where most of the Chaos forces would be for this year. That meant they didn’t have to worry as much about the other 11 arms of the galaxy.

Kill another darling in the rewrite, but I think I replaced it with something better.


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