Sunlight Through Rain

Posted: February 10, 2014 by writingsprint in Fantasy, Lost Angel
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rainbow angelDuring lunch, Angelina went down to the soup kitchen that adjoined the food bank to help the volunteers. Helping other people always helped her when she felt blue.

She handed a prepackaged lunch box to a man who wasn’t much younger than she was. By the look of him, he had just been released from rehab, or jail, and was on some kind of work release program. He was way too skinny for his height. He’d made a wristband out of shoelace with the words “day by day” written on it in Sharpie marker.

“Thank you,” he said.

“Have a good day,” she said, and meant it.

Daniel from the park came next. He didn’t have his snake today, or his flute. Angelina summoned every bit of good cheer she had in her body not to call the security guard. “I remember you. Can I get you something to eat?” she asked cooly.

“A little soup would be fine. Thank you.” The young man next to Angelina started putting together a plate for him. “I’m sorry about yesterday. We got off on the wrong foot.”

“It happens every day in the city. Getting off on the wrong foot.”

“Yes. Well, I’m still sorry. You need to know that what I said yesterday is true.”

Angelina handed him a tray with soup and a roll. “You know the old saying. We’re all angels. Some of us forget we have wings.”

Daniel gave her his weird “Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror? Really looked at yourself?”

Angelina frowned. “Where is this going?”

“I think what you just said is more true about you than you realize. Good day, ma’am.”

Daniel left the line. He found a place to sit and ate lunch in peace. Angelina told the security guard to keep an eye on him. Just a feeling, nothing more. They were friends, and he said he would.

Angelina took a break from the food line and went to the restroom down the hall from the kitchen. No one else was inside. A small pot of flowers sat on one side of the counter. A pretty air freshener sat on the other.

Angelina looked at herself in the mirror. Blue eyes, red hair, frizzier than she would like, but not bad today. Tired. Not needing this bullshit. Angelina looked into her eyes. “Why am I even in here?” she asked. She replied to herself, “Because I’m curious. Because something about that nut job sounds true to me.”

How did she really feel? Past the skin, what was she looking at?

“I’m a tired girl in the city, but I like my life,” she murmured. She didn’t want someone who came walking in to think she was nuts. “I like my job. I like the food bank. My friends are here. The city’s a pain but it’s trying. There’s a lot of good in the world. I believe in it.”

As Angelina blinked, it felt like a film lifted off her eyes. She saw wings. Transparent, feathered, and the color of sunlight through rain. Her wings. She gasped, and the wings snapped into full glory. Angelina felt that floating sensation that she’d had when she talked to Daniel in the park.

She blinked again and it was gone. Angelina covered her mouth with her hands.

She walked into the hallway. She tried to do it again. Angelina looked at the kid who had been working the steam table next to her. He was in his low twenties, a college sophomore. She saw the casual smile on his face, the way he made cute little waves at the kids. She tried to look into his heart.

Wings. Transparent, made of light, like hers. They were smaller than hers, white, tinged with blue the color of the sea on the edge.

Angelina let it go. Part of her heart leaped. She’d always wondered why her parents had abandoned her. They hadn’t, and that thought filled her with joy. At the same time, what did it matter? Would she have been as kind, as generous, if she hadn’t grown up grateful for the people who’d cared for her growing up?

Angelina looked for Daniel. He’d already gone. Daniel said he wanted to take her back to Heaven. Angelina had too much love to give here. She wasn’t done on Earth.

  1. A.D. Everard says:

    This is going to be interesting – I can see a dilemma looming. 🙂


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