Time to Get Help

Posted: January 28, 2014 by writingsprint in Drama, The New Nurse
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Jonathan spoke to Caroline in the morning, and she came to the mansion for lunch. Allen was back in the wheelchair, rolling around on the path outside with the dogs. Jonathan and Caroline were walking nearby, to keep an eye on him.

Jonathan said, “Tomorrow he goes back on crutches. He’s supposed to test his weight on his knee, but only under my supervision, and no walking on it. We have an appointment with his PT next week for another X-ray. If things look good, we’ll go back to regular exercises.”

“I’m glad it wasn’t worse.”

The dogs barked as Allen threw a tennis ball. Zeus and Apollo chased it like puppies. Jonathan could see a small slice of what Allen wanted in this picture where they were all framed.

“I wanted to talk to you about that. I think he did it to himself.”

Caroline was silent, leaving the crashing waves and the dogs barking as the only sounds. Then she said, “Go on.”

He told her what he’d said to Dan about the injury, less Dan’s commentary. Jonathan added, “We were talking about the end of his treatment before it happened. I think he doesn’t want me to go.”

“I can see why. You’re polite. You cook. You put up with him. You’re a captive audience.”

Jonathan nodded, “And you’re here, and he feels safer going outside. Was he this active before his surgery?”

“No. Well… I really don’t know.” That spoke volumes. Jonathan was about to say something, but Caroline asked, “Can you stay another month? Wean him off having you around?”

Jonathan wanted to yell. He’d had a feeling she’d ask that. “I can stay longer, but it’s not about weaning him off me. It’s about giving him reasons not to need me.”

Caroline frowned. “Now you sound like a psychologist.”

“You won’t find a home care nurse who isn’t.” Jonathan stopped walking. He looked right at her. “Caroline, I need your help.”

“Name it. We can hire—”

“I need you to help me with his recovery. You and your siblings.”

Caroline shook her head. “No.”

“It’s not as bad as you think. We need to find something he likes. Between socialization and physical activity, we can get the ball rolling.”

“I don’t have time, and none of us wants to. That’s why we hired a nurse.”

“And his recovery has taken twice as long as it should. If we don’t start changing his habits now, right now, this is just the beginning.”

Caroline laughed. “What? You think he’s going to jump off the cliffs?”

“Not today. But yesterday, he showed his willingness to hurt himself.” Jonathan let that sink in. Caroline shivered, even in the eighty degree heat. She watched her father, throwing the ball to his dogs again.

  1. A.D. Everard says:

    Ah – the plot thickens.


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