He Couldn’t Walk Away

Posted: January 26, 2014 by writingsprint in Drama, The New Nurse
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knee x-rayAllen finally went to bed at about 1:00 that morning. Jonathan let the dogs upstairs to keep him company. It helped him feel better. The dogs lay down at the foot Allen’s bed and immediately growled their intentions at Jonathan. He waved at them as he shut the door.

The good news was, it wasn’t as bad as he’d feared. Allen had hit the ground hard but there was no dislocation. The tendon was badly bruised. Nothing was torn. Allen had to take it easy for a few days. There were lighter, seated exercises they could do until the swelling went down. Other than that, he needed time.

Need to talk. Call tomorrow.” He tossed the phone on his bedside table.

Jonathan rubbed his eyes. He needed a beer, and he needed his friends.

Wait a second. What time was it?

They’d give him shit for it but it was close enough.

Jonathan dialed home. The phone rang twice. He heard a clattering sound on the other end. Scratching. Then a yawn, and he heard the drowsy sound of his best friend Dan. “If it had been anyone else, I would’ve chucked the phone in the rubbish. How are you doing, mate?”

“Ugh, Dan, not good. My patient’s a pisser and if I don’t miss my guess, he kneecapped himself last night, for God knows why.”

“The knee injury bloke you’re working for?” Jonathan said yes. Dan laughed. He didn’t suffer fools. “What the hell? Did you tell him to go dancing?”

“No! We were about to start the second diagnostic!”

Dan yawned again. “What makes you think it did it to himself?”

“No tearing. No rotation. His hands weren’t scraped from trying to stop himself. It’s like he just dropped to his knees to pray.” Jonathan yawned, too.

Dan laughed again. “Nutty. Sounds like he’s got a death wish.”

“He doesn’t wish for anything. Nothing makes this guy happy except complaining.”

Jonathan stared off into space. Good God, was that it?

“… got your work cut out for you. Look, Jonny, I need to get ready for work. Can we talk later?”

Jonathan came back to reality. “Yeah, right. I’m good now. Thanks, Dan. Tell everyone I said hi. Cheers.”

The line disconnected. Jonathan flopped back into bed. He already felt wired from the day. This felt like a kick in the brain. How did you treat someone who didn’t want to get better? Jonathan rubbed his face. He couldn’t quit. Allen needed help. Jonathan couldn’t just walk away.


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