We Must Look Inside Her Mind

Posted: January 15, 2014 by writingsprint in Science fiction
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Scorpius“Moya is a biomechanoid. Zhaan is a Delvian. Aeryn is Sebacean. D’Argo is Luxan. Should I keep going?”

To John, the world flashed and slowed down. From the right side of his field of vision, Scorpius walked into the room. John felt paralyzed. He wanted to grab his pulse pistol and start firing until the magazine went dry.

“How very interesting,” Scorpius said.

Everyone was moving in slow motion. Scorpius walked over to Sheila and stood beside her. He leaned close, sniffing. He looked like he was trying to see inside her pores. He held his hand over her hair, but didn’t touch her.

“A woman to whom our world is a fiction. One which she has already read. A woman who knows the future.” He gave a short, decisive laugh. “Finding you is proving far more valuable than I ever expected. A few hours in the Aurora chair and… well, who knows what secrets she’ll share. She could change the entire course of both our futures. Yes, we must look inside her mind. ”

“Leave her alone,” John said.

Scorpius walked towards John. John still couldn’t move. “Don’t be silly. I have no more intention of leaving her alone than I do you. Yes. I was planning to remain hidden in your subconscious for quite a while longer, but I’m afraid this will force us to move forward more quickly.”

“What do you mean, ‘us’? Get away from her and get off this ship.” John wasn’t even making sense to himself. He felt like he was dreaming, and talking to his worst nightmare. Why couldn’t he move?

Scorpius smiled at him. He leaned close. John stared into his eyes, cold blue, and smelled his awful breath. He could hear a quiet, almost imperceptible buzzing coming from the black suit Scorpius wore. The son of a bitch tapped John’s forehead dead-center. “You’ll understand, very soon. Or, I should say, we will.”

John focused every ounce of his will on reaching for his pulse pistol. His hand started to move. He kept his eyes focused on Scorpius. Don’t let on. Keep him distracted. “I may not understand, Ugly. My teachers always said I was a slow learner.”

“A slow learner, but you can’t hide anything from me. Forget about drawing your gun. You might hurt yourself.”

The world flashed again. John blinked. What was Sheila saying? She was rattling off the names of species she’d never heard of. John said, “Sorry. Wait a second. Tell me something else…”

Sorry to say that I might get off the ride with this story for a while. I need to figure out who Sheila is and what the arc of the story looks like. She’s helpless, this being her first “episode on the show,” so I need to find a way to give her teeth and the ability to be proactive.

  1. Will definitely look forward to the next episode, whenever you post it. 🙂


    • Thanks! I really appreciate that. It’s a frustrating situation. It’s either move on or keep stumbling in the dark, which doesn’t bother me so much, but I feel bad putting stuff out there that’s aimless and not as good quality as I want people to read. Friends of mine say to do my best and let the readers be the judge whether or not they like it. It may be less coherent than my other stories, where you’d see me backing up, trying different angles, stuff like that.


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