Be Careful What You Wish For

Posted: January 12, 2014 by writingsprint in Science fiction
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story generatorSheila landed hard on the ground. At first she thought she fell out of bed, but the ground felt flat, polished, and kind of warm, like the hardwood in the main part of the house.

“Ow,” she said, rubbing her head. She blinked. She was in a room with light. Not a room, a hallway. One that she recognized.

She heard a buzzing sound getting closer to her. Sheila blinked sleep out of her eyes, hard. A little robot about the size of a football rolled toward her. It stopped about three feet away. She sat up, using her arms to protect herself. She felt weak and vulnerable in her pink and blue pajamas. Two electronic eyes on black stalks extended toward her. A little tube about the size of a nail pointed at her.

“You point that thing somewhere else!” Sheila said.

It chittered and chirped at her. She heard buzzing and another one came up behind her.

Sheila slapped herself in the face. “Wake up. Wake up.” She slapped herself again, harder. “Wake up. This isn’t real.”

The deck plate below her seemed to pulse and throb. The metallic, reddish walls had the scaly texture of leather. She heard blooping sounds that reminded her of the sounds her stomach made when she ate too much refried beans and sour cream in her tacos.

The witch at the magic shop had said her wish was granted. Sheila wanted an acting gig, not to be thrown into the show.

A third robot – they were called DRDs, short for Diagnostic Repair Drone – rolled up to her. Sheila had enough. She took off running. They could shoot her if they wanted to.

“Let me out of here! I want to go home!” she screamed.

The sounds made by the ship churned and growled. The ship was getting upset.

Sheila came around a corner. A door closed behind her. She spun, about to push it open – but it might be worse than what was in front of her anyway.

The door at the opposite end of the hall opened. A woman with long, jet black hair dressed in black leather stepped through, holding a rifle about the size of Montana. Behind her was a man the size of Alaska, holding a gun the size of Texas. Tentacles drooped from his head, and a hooked beak formed his nose.

“No!” Sheila screamed.

The woman yelled at her in a sharp, clipped voice. Sheila couldn’t understand her, but she guessed it was something like, “Freeze!” and “Hands in the air!”

Sheila put her hands in the air. “Okay. Don’t shoot me. Don’t shoot.”

The woman walked over to about five feet away from her. The gun barrel was pointed between Sheila’s eyes. It looked like a long, dark tunnel to death from where Sheila could see.

The woman said something. Sheila shook her head and opened her hands. “I don’t understand.”

The man raised his rifle to point at the ceiling. With his free hand, he pointed at Sheila, then at the ground. Sheila lay down. The man muttered something that sounded like he was glad she’d done it.

Someone else came through the door at the end of the hall. Sheila saw a man, dressed in black leather and a red jacket. He had sandy brown hair and clear blue eyes. Sheila’s heart dropped. Normally, she would be swooning right now, but living the dream was much less fun than she thought it would be.

The man said, “D’Argo, chill out. She’s wearing Hello Kitty.” The deep-voiced man with the falcon nose asked him something. “My niece had pajamas just like that. She’s from Earth, D’Argo!”

Sheila dropped her head on the floor. And she was on the far side of the universe, in a TV show, for real, in nothing but her pajamas.


I have to say I jumped on this one when it came up from the Story Generator. Sure, it’s goofy, but it was a chance to just have fun and play with the idea. Farscape may not have been popular to everyone but it was to me ;), so that’s what I’m going with. I considered Sleepy Hollow, but then I’d have to do research on police procedures, folklore and eighteenth century mannerisms, and it’s already 8:30 at night. Maybe next time.

  1. A.D. Everard says:

    What fun! (I love the story generator.) 😀


  2. Yes! There will be more of these 😀 !


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