The Missing Reflection

Posted: January 10, 2014 by writingsprint in Fantasy
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Seelia felt it when it happened. She had been in her laboratory, studying the movements of the spheres, when it felt like the world moved. She didn’t feel dizzy at all. She suddenly grabbed the nearest table and held on. Her center of gravity shifted inside her, like someone had taken the world and turned it sideways.

Talan stopped taking measurements and Filla stopped making observations. They put down their tools and ran over to her. Both stopped short of her, since they didn’t know what exactly was wrong.

“Mistress?” Talan asked.

“Is there something wrong?” Filla asked.

The world stopped moving. Seelia looked at both of them. They were rock solid, unmoving. Had it truly been her own vertigo? Seelia’s instincts shouted no. Carefully, Seelia let go of the table. When she didn’t fall – in any direction – she said, “Filla, check the earth, and see if anything strange happened a moment ago. Talan, check the spheres for strange movements.”

“Are you all right?” Talan insisted.

Seelia nodded. “Quite all right. Check the spheres before the phenomenon is gone. It might already be too late.”

Talan and Seelia had just started checking when Seelia stood next to a mirror she was fashioning to create a new telescope. She was quite proud of it. At two hands wide, it would be the most powerful telescope in the kingdom. She planned to use it in conjunction with her crystal ball to see farther into the heavens than anyone had before. As she’d continued to work the glass, she was happy to see how perfectly it reflected the images in it, including her face.

As she looked at it now, her face was gone. So were her clothes. Seelia might as well not have existed.

She looked at her hands. They were there, plain as day. Seelia could see all of herself. She rubbed her eyes and looked at the mirror again. Nothing.

Her heart pounded. First, not to panic. “Filla, Talan, do you see me?” she asked.

“Of course, mistress,” Filla said. She gasped as she looked past Seelia and saw the mirror.

“I haven’t found anything yet,” Talan said from across the room.

“The problem isn’t in the spheres, Tal,” Seelia replied.

Talan looked up. He dropped the calipers he was holding. Seelia heard them clatter as they hit the ground. If it wasn’t for not seeing her reflection, and what it meant, she would have been more upset about the calipers. They were finest elvish make and would be very hard to fix. As it was, having her soul vanish without a trace wa a much bigger problem.

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