Don’t Be Gone Too Long

Posted: December 29, 2013 by writingsprint in Fantasy, The Wizard's Family
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fireflies-in-a-jarKit ran closer. As he got neared the cabin, he could smell the musty smell of their thatched roof. Crickets sang all around him. He saw fireflies hovering around the woods. Kit saw wood spirits and fairies watching him, made visible by the moon beams and his own power. Magic filled these woods. He wondered if his parents were wizards, too.

He slowed down as he got close to the cabin. He didn’t even know his parents. What were they like? How would they react to him?

Lady caught up. Kit looked up at her. “Master needed an apprentice,” she said. “We searched a hundred villages looking for a boy like you. Someone who was strong in the power. A baby… someone young.”

“Why young?”

“The power’s stronger in the young. A child’s imagination is boundless. You can reach out your arms and touch the edges of the universe. You can click your heels three times and fly to the moon. Isn’t that right?”

Kit nodded. He felt like he could do anything if he just wished hard enough for it.

“It was a night like tonight. I saw you in the moon beams, a light shining up out of the forest. It was like a star had fallen. You were new born.”

Kit walked towards the cabin, slowly. He tried to hear the conversation inside. “Who are they?” he asked.

“A trapper and his wife.”

“I can’t wait to meet them!”


The front door opened. A child ran outside holding a glass jar. He ran to the first firefly he could see. He tried to catch it. It flew away at the last second. He laughed, and chased it again. He chased it again and finally caught it. “That’s one!” the child said. It was a boy. Kit heard a deep voice from inside the cabin laughing, and a sweeter voice call, “Be careful! Watch the stones and roots!”

The boy watched his first firefly light up. Kit and Lady stood in shadows under a maple tree, and he didn’t see them yet. He laughed and ran after another firefly. Kit stared at him. The boy looked like he was about ten years old. He had wavy, chestnut-brown hair, dimples when he smiled, and a round face with high cheek bones, just like his.

Kit’s heart pounded. He trembled. “He looks just like…”

Sadly, Lady said, “Yes, he does.”

From inside the house, they heard the father call, “Kit, don’t be gone too long!”

  1. A.D. Everard says:

    Oh no! He’s been replaced, hasn’t he? His parents don’t even know he’s “gone”. I can see tissues needed in the ear future. 🙂


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