A Cabin in Wild Country

Posted: December 28, 2013 by writingsprint in Fantasy, The Wizard's Family
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The moon had moved part of the way across the sky when he heard his door slide open. Kit sat up in bed. Lady was halfway between the door and his bedside when he looked up at her. “Are you ready?”

“Yes. You took a long time.”

“I had to make sure Master Vrajitor was asleep. Are you ready?”

“Yes.” He hadn’t thought about Master Vrajitor. Kit realized he would have to think farther ahead as a real wizard. “How did you make sure?”

“A very special spell. He’ll never know he was enchanted.” She reached out to him. “Take my hand.” Kit did. The two of them lifted up into the air. “This is your last chance, Kit. You may not like what you find tonight.”

“I want to go.”

They flew out the window. The moonlight held them up, a current of pale blue streaming across the earth. Lady seemed in her element. Kit could hear her singing to herself. When her voice lifted, they rose. When it deepened, they dove. When she singsonged, they wove between trees and rocks and things in the night that Kit couldn’t see. She became ethereal, part of the night.

They flew over a village some miles from the tower. Most people were asleep. Here and there Kit saw fire light coming from windows. He smelled chimney smoke. Kit tried to look in the windows to see other people. He rarely spoke to anyone besides Morgrim, Lady and the Master and the idea excited him.

“Not here. Soon,” Lady said.

They continued on. They flew deeper into the country, into wilder regions. The ground rose and fell in rough, rocky hills. Kit heard wolves howling in the distance. One pack howled; another answered. He even saw a witch flying on a broomstick. At first he thought it was a trick of the moonlight, but when he focused his attention there, she shot away, giving them a wide berth.

He smelled smoke again. Lady slowed down. They settled in the air, hanging on invisible threads of her singing mixed with moonlight. Kit looked around. They were over light woods in hilly country. It wasn’t good land for farming or cutting wood. He could hear a creek nearby. A hunter might live here, or someone who just wanted to be alone. “Are we here?” Kit asked.

“Yes. This is where we found you.” She pointed through the trees. Kit saw a humble cabin. A small garden was staked in the back and a pen for small animals. The window shutters were open to let in the air from the hot summer night. His heart leaped as he saw someone walk by one of them.


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