Where Did He Come From?

Posted: December 27, 2013 by writingsprint in Fantasy, The Wizard's Family
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moon through a windowKit spent the next day in lessons, as he always did. This time Master and Lady took turns feeding him tales to spin additional stories from. Master would start, giving him the beginning of a story. Kit added the next part. Lady continued the story. Kit continued it further. The game continued until Kit’s power filled up with a world of strange possibilities, names and places and things that he had to keep straight. When he made a mistake, Lady would pinch him. When he did well, Master gave him a sweet. Kit was starting to hate sweets.

When lessons were finished, he shared a look with Lady as he left to have supper. He formed the words “you promised.” Lady smiled with her face but not her eyes, as she always did. Stiff fingers caressed his hair.

Morgrim was quiet tonight, too. For supper Kit ate more pork and potatoes. Maybe tomorrow night they would eat something else. Morgrim treated Kit with a bowl of berries that he gathered from the forest. He wasn’t allowed to go far, so Kit knew this was something special that Morgrim had done for him.

“Thank you, Morgrim,” Kit said. The goblin only bowed.

Lady didn’t come downstairs this time. On some nights, she and the Master would talk awhile, about today’s lessons, tomorrow’s lessons, or other things. It was all magic lingo and much of it still didn’t make sense to Kit. On some nights they would disappear into the Master’s chamber. Then Kit wouldn’t see either of them until morning.

Without Morgrim or Lady to talk to, Kit’s mind filled with thoughts about tonight. He wished he knew more about where Lady would take him. He thought of every lesson he’d ever been taught, and others he’d learned on his own. Could he run away? Could he stop her, if she tried to hurt him? Kit imagined running through the woods with Lady chasing after him. He knew how to hide and how to tell branches and things to grab people. They both had their own powers. Were his strong enough?

After Kit finished, he brought his plate to Morgrim, and Morgrim only bowed again. Kit smiled. As he turned to go to his room, Morgrim said, “Be careful tonight, young master.”

“I will.”

Kit went to bed fully clothed, including his shoes. He lay with his sheet drawn up, facing the window.

Where did he come from?

Kit counted stars and made new constellations. He hummed, and watched star shine moving between the points of light in the sky. He changed the tone, and felt the power vibrate to the music. He kept thinking about the door to his room. He wished Lady would get here.


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