Like a Child

Posted: December 21, 2013 by writingsprint in Science fiction
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Valerie felt the energetic being inside her surge with joy as she flipped on her water skis once more. She laughed. It felt afraid and thrilled at the same time. Thousands of years old, it had the giggly joy of a child.

“Enough! Enough! I must stop!” the alien said.

Valerie let go of the tow line. She held her balance on the skis for about ten more yards. Her husband Rick cheered, waving, and the boat’s observer, a young Bahamian named Ian, clapped too. She gave thumbs-up and sank into the water. She floated in the warm Caribbean, treading water as they brought the boat back around.

“I hope zero G feels this good,” Valerie said, watching the boat come in.

“It feels empty,” the alien said. “It is absence of force. My kind feel cosmic rays and particles the way yours do not.”

“Don’t you ever get tired?” Rick asked as the boat came alongside.

“You know I don’t,” Valerie said. “I figured I’d give you a turn. You were looking bored.”

“One flip, two flips, they look the same after a while.”

She had done five, and felt like she could do five more. Rick jumped into the water. She helped him put his skis on, then climbed back into the boat. Ian made the tow rope wasn’t tangled. He told the driver they were good to go, and the boat started up again.

“Your mind is elsewhere,” the alien said.

Valerie switched to Esperanto. Ian probably couldn’t hear her over the boat’s engine anyway, but why risk it. “In three months we’ll separate again. You’ll return to your kind. It’ll feel strange having only one set of thoughts again.”

“I understand. i hope you enjoy living among my kind as much as I have living among yours.”

“I hope so too.” She’d miss Rick, and the water, and everything she took for granted here. “This is important for all humankind. It’s worth it.”

Rick did a flip. She clapped for him. The alien did, too, inside her.

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