Tree Huggers

Posted: December 6, 2013 by writingsprint in Drama
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girl hugging treeThe last weekend of the summer, John and Linda took the twins to Grover State Park for hiking and a picnic. It was the first time Katie and Tyler had ever been there, and their first experience with a forest other than pictures and the handful of trees in their neighborhood. John looked forward to seeing what they thought of nature in its natural habitat.

As soon as John unlocked the doors to the car, Katie popped the lock and ran out into the woods. “Honey, wait!” Linda said. “I’ll get her,” she called back as she chased after her.

Tyler was still figuring out how to work the latch. John scooped him up, along with his backpack and the lunches. “Guess you’re not in a hurry, huh, kiddo?” John said.

“Am too,” Tyler said.

John found Katie hugging the largest tree near the parking lot. Linda was standing next to her with her head cocked to the side. What a funny thing to do. Katie smiled up at her. “It feels so old,” she said.

Tyler wriggled out of John’s grasp and ran to the tree, on the other side from Katie. He did the same thing. He rubbed his arms into the rough surface. “Ty, you’re going to make your arms red doing that,” John said.

“How else will I know if it’s real?” Tyler said. He hugged it harder.

“Yeah?” Katie agreed.

John looked at Linda. She smiled and said, “You’re up, dad.”

“Maybe you’re right,” he said. He walked up to the tree and hugged it too.

“Come on, mom!” Katie said.

Linda joined in. From around the tree, she positioned her head on the same side as John. She said, “If we get bugs in our hair, it’s your fault.”

He had to admit, it made him think of holding on to one of the smaller teeth of the world. The tree probably dated back to the Revolutionary War. He felt small. Even more, he thought of things he’d rather hug.

“I think my arms are getting sap on them,” John said. He peeled himself off. Oval, light red impressions ran up and down his arms. He pulled Tyler off the tree. Katie let go and so did Linda. The kids ran to a barn that had been turned into a playground near the parking lot.

“Did you become one with the tree?” Linda asked.

“I just got bark chips on my shirt.” He hugged her. “I like how you guys feel better.”

This post was brought to you by the prompt “the power for touch” from The Daily Post at

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