Paintball Zombies

Posted: December 1, 2013 by writingsprint in Fun Stuff
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zombie paintball

A completely different kind of zombie paintball

What’s more fun than shooting your friends with paintballs? Shooting zombie friends with paintballs! The problem with zombie paintball is that you can’t shoot people in the head, unlike zombies, which have to be shot that way.

Here’s an idea that might work. Everyone carries a bullseye placard in their pocket made for wearing around their neck. Stickers might work better. Play goes normally, until someone gets shot. That person starts out loud from 1 to 10 and puts on their bullseye. When they reach 10, they start moaning and walking around like a zombie, and have to attack the closest person, friend or foe. They can’t take cover, but the only shot that kills them is a hit on the bullseye. If they get both hands on their victim, the victim has been killed and turned into a zombie.

Another way to play is all zombies versus all humans, and see who wins. If you let the zombies run, I’m betting on the zombies.

It should be good for mayhem around the paintball field.


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