Too Young to Feel That Sad

Posted: November 21, 2013 by writingsprint in Drama, Writing
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Jennifer’s sister Wendy held up her baby, turning him this way and that. “Isn’t he beautiful? They smell so good.”

“What’s his name again?” Jennifer asked.


“He’s like a little package. He just settles in on your shoulder.” Wendy noticed Jennifer was staring. “Do you want to hold him?”

“I…well, okay….” Jen held him under the back and around his shoulder. Jimmy made coughing sounds, or something like that.

“Hold his head more. That’s better.”

“I’ve never held one before,” Jen said. Jimmy moved around his hands, like he was getting used to how they worked. At only a month old, maybe he was.

He stared to squirm. The smallest frown Jen had ever seen worked harder and harder onto his face. It was like watching a Pillsbury Dough Boy frown. “I think I’m messing up,” she said, smiling nervously.

“No, that’s okay. He’s just tired,” Wendy said.

He started to cry. He made more coughing sobs, or was it sobbing? “You’d better take him back,” Jen said, moving towards Mom.

“No, you’re all right.”

Jimmy cried again. Jen shook my head. “Take him.”

Wendy took him back. His eyes were open now, and he cried again. Wendy sat him in her lap. Jen felt sorry for him. Was he upset, or were babies all like that?

He cried again. Jen couldn’t take it anymore. “Excuse me,” she said. The party would go on without her. There were plenty of grandparents and cousins who wanted to hold him, and would probably do a better job. Jen went upstairs, closed the door to her room and put a CD in her stereo. Any CD. She didn’t care which one.

“Stop crying. Please, stop crying,” she said, still hearing Jimmy’s little voice. It wasn’t stress, or frustration. She couldn’t stand hearing him cry. Someone that young, a little guy like that, shouldn’t feel that much sorrow. Whatever it was, she wanted to make it better.

A song by Bruce Springsteen came on. Jen sank into the music, felt the beat, and prayed to the patron saint of bittersweet rock that whatever was making Jimmy cry would go. That next time she heard him he might be laughing.


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