How writing a novel is like running a marathon. Over and over.

Posted: November 15, 2013 by writingsprint in Uncategorized

I am going to print this in large friendly letters on poster-sized paper and use it to wallpaper my office. I may tattoo it on my arm. Wow!!!

Christine Klocek-Lim


It’s fun, and then it’s not, and then the endorphins kick in…

“So you want to be a writer?” How many times have you read those words as a prelude to an essay about being an author? Once? Twice? I bet they all said some variation of this little gem of wisdom: if you’re writing because you want to be rich and famous, forget about it. You need to appreciate the writing itself. Writing is ART (said in a lofty tone).

I think I may have said those words to a few people. I am sorry. The truth is, you DO need to enjoy the writing itself, but the truth also is, I want my books to SELL. I want to make money writing and I want to have a lot of readers. I want to write a bestseller.

Unfortunately, the people who sell the most books and make the…

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