The Subconscious Is Awesome

Posted: November 4, 2013 by writingsprint in Drawing
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Degas piecesHere I was, neck-deep in some of the worst writers’ block I’d ever faced. I wanted to write. Wanting burst my veins and sweat out my eyes, but no voices were coming through. All I had was desire.

I pushed the recliner back. I lay the front page of the newspaper on top of my face and closed my eyes. Outside I heard birds. Inside, my brother and roommate Phil watched Saturday afternoon college football. LSU was winning. I free-associated. Sometimes my subconscious came up with some wicked cool ideas.

I yanked the newspaper off my face and sat up.

“If you’re getting up, get me a beer, will ya?” Phil asked.

“I want to build a puzzle. Do we have any?”

Phil looked at me. “Are you getting up or no?”

“Do we have a puzzle or no.”

“I haven’t built a puzzle since I was twelve. I don’t think I have any.”

“I thought Mom gave you that little six by six one for long trips. The stocking stuffer, last year?”

“Oh yeah. How’d you remember that?”

“She gave me a pet rock. I thought the puzzle was cooler.”

“Hey, pet rocks are cool. I have three. It’s retro, man.” Phil turned back to watch the game. “Check the junk drawer in the kitchen. It might be there.”

As I got up, I didn’t even know why the puzzle was calling me. I found it under Phil’s scissors, a bag of rubber bands, and a piece of corrugated cardboard that held thumbtacks. He’d put it in a baggie along with the picture of the completed image, ripped from the box. It was Degas’ one with the dancers.

Why a puzzle?

I spilled the pieces onto the kitchen table. Everything I needed to know was right in front of me. Scrambled, out of order. I saw pictures that would come together and edges that formed the framework. Skeletons and gestalts fought for my attention. Both were good ways…

…to start.

Everything I needed to know was right in front of me. I grinned. “The subconscious is awesome,” I said. I would finish this first, then just play with the ideas I had and see what came out. It might be good, it might be bad. The key: play.

In the living room, someone scored a touchdown. Phil clapped his hands twice. Then he said, “Hey, are you getting me a beer or what?”


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