The Splinter of Blackness

Posted: November 3, 2013 by writingsprint in Fantasy
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broken coinWhen the hammer struck the coin, Selena was expecting a sound like the tolling of a bell. She thought the impact would rip up her arm with a lightning shock. The sky didn’t grow dark, angels didn’t wail, roses didn’t weep, and the New York Yankees didn’t fold. In short, the world did not come to an end.

She lifted the ancient hammer up. The coin lay in pieces. Selena didn’t feel any magic coming from either one. There was also no demon trapped inside it.

Selena and Dr. Mordesol looked at each other. “Well, that was underwhelming,” Selena said.

“What is this? What have you done? Where is the Splinter of Blackness?”

“Which question do you want me to answer first?”

“Don’t toy with me, girl!” Mordesol’ goons pointed their guns at her. “It was written! The Splinter will come forth when the coin is broken!”

Selena folded her arms. “That was a symbolic text probably written by someone high on ergot poisoning.” She had an idea. She had to play for time.

Mordesol shook his head. He picked up the bits of the coin. He held them up to the naked moonlight, carefully touching where the chunks had broken. “No. No. I don’t understand. After everything we’ve seen… the visions… the possessions…” He looked at her. Selena thought he was about to plead with her. “You know it was real!”

Selena offered him her magnifying glass. “Do you want to try this?”

Mordesol slapped it away. “Don’t treat me like a fool.”

“It’s too late for that, doctor.”

The meanest looking man with a rifle said to Mordesol, “You promised us power. Where is the Splinter?” Mordesol walked in circles. He dug his fingers into his hair, muttering to himself. “Doctor!”

“Quiet! I’m thinking!” Mordesol said.

Selena raised her hand. “Can I offer a theory?”

“Shut up!” Mordesol said.

“Yes!” the main with the rifle said.

Selena indicated the latter. “His gun beats your doctorate. The coin was forged by your cult of evil, which worships the sun.”

Mordesol snickered. “I won’t mince words on your characterization. Go on.”

“All the writings say that it imprisoned an enemy. Something reviled.”

“Scorned throughout all eternity.”

“What are you saying?” the gunman asked.

“I’m getting to that. If your cult worships death and destruction, it stands to reason that its enemy would be…”

Mordesol and the gunman didn’t get it. Selena felt like she was talking to a pair of first-year students. Bad first-year students.

“A servant of life. If the day is evil, the night is good. I didn’t see it either – all the scholarly writings focused on what the text actually said.” Mordesol and the gunman started yelling at the same time. Selena ignored them. She said, “But if we assume they’re berating an enemy, then of course they would describe the prisoner in the foulest possible terms. The splinter went into the only one here who would accept it.”

Mordesol looked completely out of his depth. “How do you know this?”

The moon fully crested the horizon. The splinter’s power rushed into her. Selena floated into the air. “Because now I can do this.”

Mordesol screamed. The gunmen fired every round they had at her. Selena folded her arms. The bullets flaked off her like snowmelt. She smiled at them gently. “Now what good did that do?”

The troops dropped their guns and ran. Mordesol chased them. “Wait! Don’t leave without me!” he yelled.

Selena saw them traced in webs of moonlight. They looked like puppet strings. Selena waved her hands and pulled. Bodies went flying. Men screamed, yanked backward like dolls. “Sorry. I’ll do that more lightly.” She layered more webs around their arms and legs. “Just sit tight and don’t make any trouble. I need to call Interpol.”

This post was inspired by the broken coin pictured above, which I found while unpacking some boxes at home.


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