Face to Face

Posted: October 27, 2013 by writingsprint in Science fiction
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The story of “rogue” agent Smith continues.

Even with the beard and new haircut, Smith knew that Neo could see him for what he was. He felt ripples in the Matrix that focused on him, like a spyglass focusing on someone.

Smith ran for the roof. He wanted to jump across the street and punch Anderson’s head into the wall behind him, but it wouldn’t serve Smith’s purpose. The stairs were chaos. Smith shoved or threw people out of his way as he had to. If the humans held true to form, they would run as far from the agents as they could, as fast as they could. They thought their cover was blown, so they wouldn’t use the truck. That meant the roof.

Smith found the roof access and punched his way through. Across the street, he saw the humans doing the same thing. He recognized Morpheus leading the way. Trinity came next, then someone he didn’t know, with Anderson bringing up the rear.

Anderson pointed at him. Morpheus whipped out a grenade launcher from under his coat.

“I finally want to talk first and they pull out the artillery,” Smith said.

It was a gesture, not a tactic. In the time it took Morpheus to lob three rounds of high explosive at him, Smith ripped an air conditioning unit off its base and threw it at him. The shells hit the unit halfway across the street, blowing shrapnel in all directions.

People screamed and went running again. Police and firefighters dove for cover. Chunks of the air conditioning unit became deadly flying blades. Even the agents stopped; they had just reached the block.

Well, things were about to get interesting.

Morpheus and the stranger ran the other way. Anderson and Trinity leaped straight at him. Smith barely ducked in time to avoid getting thrust-kicked by Anderson. Smith wound up rolling under Trinity’s landing. He took a boot to the head. He barely felt it. It was still good to be almost invincible.

Everyone stood up. The hackers took fighting poses. Smith did too. He’d rehearsed this a hundred times in his head but now it was all he could do to keep from ripping Anderson’s head off. He had to talk to them!

Both Anderson and Trinity hesitated.

“Jesus Christ… he’s bleeding!” Trinity said.

He had an opening.

“You did this to me,” Smith said. “Made me like this.”

Smith could see Anderson thinking. He wasn’t too bright so it was taking him longer. He must have known that Smith could have swung at him ten times by now.

“What do you want?” Neo asked.

“Neo, there’s no time!” Trinity said.

She was right. The agents saw them jump across the street. Anderson and Smith looked up to see three agents coming at them like black-suited dark angels.


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