Bully Brother

Posted: October 12, 2013 by writingsprint in Drama
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broken vaseJack and Finn stood around the shattered pieces of their mother’s favorite Oriental vase. Finn’s soccer ball was in the middle of them. Jack was six. To him, the world was coming to an end. His chest pumped up and down as he tried not to cry. Finn was nine. He didn’t move. Jack could tell Finn was thinking. Jack couldn’t thinking of anything at all, other than their mother’s hand paddling his behind.

“Stupid,” Finn said. His freckled face looked down at Jack’s. He folded his arms like an adult.

“You’re the one who kicked it!” Jack said.

“Don’t you blame this on me. You wanted to play in the house.”

Jack felt guilty. Finn was older. Was he right? He protested, “I wanted to play video games. You got out the soccer ball.”

“If you’d blocked it like you’re supposed to this wouldn’t have happened.”

“I blocked it ten times.”

Finn stood over him. “You blocked it into the vase.”

Jack gulped. No. No! He stood up to him. His feet crunched on broken pottery. He wanted to cry. “You got mad and you booted it.”

Finn shook. “What did you say?”

Jack was afraid his brother would hit him. Now he shook. “I…”

Finn grabbed his shirt. “Well?”

“Nothing,” Jack said quickly.

Finn let go of him. “You’d better clean this up before Mom gets home. I’m going out.”

Jack stood in the middle of the broken vase, staring at it. He wanted to yell at Finn. If words were enough they would have thrown Finn against the walls. He would have been stronger than anybody. But he wasn’t. He felt small. When the door slammed, Jack started crying. He held most of it in.

Jack cleaned up every piece of the vase he could find. He was sad to see it go. It was the first thing in the house that he’d gotten into his head that he wasn’t supposed to touch. He appreciated how pretty it was, from far, far away. Now it was gone, and Mom was going to be mad, and everyone would think it was his fault. Jack couldn’t tell if they were right. A tiny voice in him disagreed. He didn’t want to listen to it right now.

He took the stupid ball and went outside to the back yard. His family had a small fountain with a koi pond. Jack went to the fountain and threw in a penny. He wished he were bigger.

The neighbor’s German shepherd came over, from the other side of their yard’s fence. “Hi, Max,” Jack said. He kicked the ball against the fence, over and over again. Max barked and chased the ball. He was glad to be playing, even if he couldn’t get to the ball. Kick. Jack wished life was more fair. Kick! He wished his brother would get what was coming to him. Kick!!!

The ball sailed over the fence, into the Max’s yard. The dog caught the ball on the fly and popped. It. He stood up on the fence, wagging his tail, offering the ball back to him.

Jack took the ball back. He scratched Max behind the ears. “Good dog,” he said.


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