The demon horse from hell… not so much

Posted: October 7, 2013 by writingsprint in Slice of Life
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A long night at work, so another story from a journal entry…

I once worked with a woman named Di, who owned a horse named Silver. When Di met Silver, Silver’s nickname around the stables was “the demon horse from hell.” The horse had been abused by a former owner, and pushed back harder and harder as the current owners tried to discipline her.

Di took over. Rather than using harsh discipline, she kept being nice to Silver under the horse started trusting her.

Once day Di was out riding with a friend and something spooked Silver. Di was thrown. She broke her nose and a few ribs. Silver took off running. They were miles from cars or other horses. Di tried to whistle for Silver for to come back; not easy with a broken nose. Her friend shook her head, saying they’d find Silver back at the barn.

Silver came back. So I’m told, horses are afraid of the smell of blood, but Silver let her get back on. When they were going up hill, without being told, Silver would go up hill, then walk on level ground to give Di a chance to steady herself, over and over again. Going down hill, rather than just sliding down, Silver kept planting her hooves to make sure Di was all right. At any point the horse could have just gone her merry way and Di couldn’t have stopped her.

Everyone says that Di is now Silver’s “mom.” She isn’t “allowed” to ride another horse–if she does, Silver’ll try to kick it, and Silver won’t let Di touch her later. If Di insists, Silver won’t look at her, and will close her eyes if she’s brushing her face. Di’s husband isn’t allowed to to do more than put his arm around her while Silver is there, either. The only way to get back on Silver’s good side is to be extra-nice and give her a green apple for good measure. Di always keeps a few handy.


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