Deresolution is Required

Posted: October 6, 2013 by writingsprint in Science fiction
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runningContinuing the “Missing Matrix” story that I started. When we last saw Agent Smith, he punched a hole in a brick wall but came away bleeding.

Sixty seconds is a long time to scream. It took Smith a full minute to control himself. He didn’t know what to do. He simply did not have a program that told him what to do when he cut himself. He watched the red liquid ooze out of his hand. It dripped down his arm. He saw tiny pieces of his body peeled back like shredded paper tied to a board.

Could this body be infected? Did the Matrix think he was human?

Smith lost control. He lashed out, flattening a trash can, and kicking a dumpster thirty feet. The bum at the far end of the alley scrambled away. “Jerkoff!” he yelled. He chucked a can of Budweiser at him.

Smith’s agent reflexes took over. He twisted and bent out of the way without moving his feet. The can struck the ground right behind him, as if it had passed through his body.

Smith’s breathing slowed down. “A human can’t do that,” he said to himself. He said it again. He said it a third time, very slowly, and straightened his jacket. He held up his hand in front of him. “It doesn’t hurt. I am not flesh. This is defective code. It can be repaired.” He didn’t know how. If he’d been human, he would have thought he was lying.

The blood dripped down. He held it farther away to keep it from dripping onto his suit.

Smith concentrated. He accessed the Matrix. Humans. Injury. Repair. Cross index. First aid. Sub-index. Process.

Locate pharmacy.

Smith had barely left the alley when two of the people in front of him morphed into agents, one with black hair, one with red. Neither looked happy to see him.

“Unauthorized Matrix datastream access located,” Black said.

“Identify yourself,” Red ordered.

Smith raged. “Agent Smith. Recognize.”

They stared at him. Smith didn’t feel the normal ‘blink’ of the Matrix moving through him.

“Recognition failure,” Black said.

“Your code is anomalous,” Red agreed.

“Irreversible corruption. Deresolution is required,” Black concluded.

“Wait one fucking minute…,” Smith said.

Red reached for Smith. Silver-black data spikes sprouted from his hand. One touch and they would begin dissolving Smith’s body.

For lack of a more mechanical word, Smith reacted on instinct. He dodged Red, drew his pistol and shot Black. Black crumpled, turning into an overweight man in a basketball jersey before he hit the ground. Red froze. Smith could see his code failing to process what was happening.

“Derez this,” Smith said. He used a jujitsu arm lock and pressed Red’s hand against his own body. Red gurgled. His body felt like a billion plastic beads that suddenly vanished in a spray of mist.

Black reappeared farther down the block. A second agent with blonde hair appeared across the street. Smith ran.


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