Cold Front and Pumpkinheads

Posted: October 3, 2013 by writingsprint in Science fiction
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"Cold Front" by Brenoch Adams at DeviantArt

“Cold Front” by Brenoch Adams at DeviantArt

Today’s post was inspired by the drawings “Cold Front” by Brenoch Adams and “Pumpkinhead” by Amorphiss.

The hissing of Walston’s voice was only barely louder than the hissing beast of the wind. “Cold front’s coming in. Are you guys almost here?” Walston asked.

“We’re just reaching the river now,” Gellar replied. She checked the sky. The north still showed brilliant light, but the south was coming in like a giant black bear from horizon to horizon. From the ground as far up as she could see was nothing but a snow wall. Lightning flashed deep inside it.

“We have to hurry,” she said to Kelly, her partner. She looked at Kelly like the son she lost during the first bad winter. “If we get caught in that wall we’re dead. There’s no shelter that can protect us.”

The weather chased them down the hills of old San Francisco. They sledded over building tops and moguled the roofs of parked cars. The edge of the wind brushed their coats with fingernails tipped with razor blades. They reached Fisherman’s Wharf and the frozen bay. Base camp looked like a silver grain silo that stuck out where Alcatraz Island used to be.

A little over a mile is a long way to run on cross country skis.

Gellar and Kelly staggered into base camp. Walston sealed the door shut behind them as the black wall hit. “You two ought to play the lottery,” Walston said. “You’re the luckiest people here.”

Gellar shoved off her skis. Kelly stayed flopped on the ground. “Don’t applaud. Just throw money,” she said.


“Pumpkinhead” by Amorphiss at DeviantArt

The smiled oozed off her face when she saw the jack o’lantern painted on the wall behind him. “Pumpkinheads. What happened?”

“They were here. Like I said. You’re the luckiest people here. We’re the only ones left alive.”

The life came back to Kelly’s legs. “They’ll come back. We need to get out of here.”

“Kelly, calm down.”

“Forget calm! They’ll break in and –”

She wrestled him to the ground and pinned his shoulders with her knees. “Sorry, kid. You’re not thinking straight. Sit still while I figure this out.” Kelly struggled. “Sit still or I’ll knock you out.”

Kelly calmed down. He was completely helpless, and he knew she could do it, too. He didn’t want to die. Gellar understood that. “Walston, how long ago did they leave?”

“Two days. They wanted to beat the storm. I hid in a crawl space.”

Two days wouldn’t get them far. Maybe Napa. It would put them on the edge of the storm, though. Easier to survive.

“Why didn’t you tell us?” Gellar asked.

“You wouldn’t have come back. I didn’t want to be left alone.”

Gellar didn’t buy it. Maybe he cut a deal with them. She drew a gun and pointed it at Walston. “Sorry, old man. You’re the unluckiest guy in here. Hands in the air.”


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