Good Little Kids

Posted: September 30, 2013 by writingsprint in Fun Stuff
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super girlUncle Steve and little Catelyn walked out of the Franklin Institute. She danced on Ben Franklin’s nose on the mural painted on the stairs. They should have had an exhibit on Catelyn. She was a perpetual motion engine and showed no signs of slowing down. Steve smiled his best Zen smile and took yoga belly breaths as Catelyn tried to drag him down the street. “Where do we want to go? What’s next?”

A truck selling ice cream and candy was parked at the bottom of the stairs. Steve tried to ease her down the street. Too late. Catelyn jumped up and down pointing at the truck. “I want one, I want one, I want one! I want it I want it I want it!” she cried.

“You had ice cream with your lunch fifteen minutes ago, honey,” he said.

“That tastes better!” Steve squinted. He knew what she was pointing at: old school Pixy Stix. Pure sugar. She’d be tap dancing on top of Independence Hall in five minutes. On the bright side, when she came off the sugar rush she’d probably want to sleep. She’d feel sick, too.

Steve smiled again. No, that wasn’t very Zen. Or nice. “I have a better idea. Let’s go to the Please Touch museum.”

“I hate museums. Every time I go, I have to stand back and not touch anything.”

“That’s why this one’s the Please Touch museum. You can play with everything.”

Catelyn folded her arms. “I think you’re trying to get me to forget about the candy.”

“Not at all. Tell you what, little miss. If you spend two hours with me at the Please Touch Museum, you can have one more piece of candy. After we’re done.”

“Can I have the sugar sticks?”

At least she knew what she was getting into. “We’ll see. They might not have any.”

The museum was a bigger rush than sugar. Catelyn jumped on jungle logs and played hopscotch on clouds. She rowed a flying machine and built a car. She played jungle drums and made waves in a pond. She shopped for groceries and flew an airplane. She climbed a kid-sized climbing wall, five times, and she played for well over the two hours she promised.

On the subway ride home, Catelyn dozed off under Steve’s arm. A woman sitting next to him smiled at her. “She’s precious. Such a calm, quiet little girl.”

Steve just smiled back. No comment.


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