The Missing Matrix

Posted: September 26, 2013 by writingsprint in Science fiction, Writing
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Hugo Weaving

“Mr. Anderson… help me.”

Agent Smith took Morpheus’ head in his hands. “In this mind is the key… MY… KEY…. and I’m going to tear this mind apart to get it.” He pressed the sides of Morpheus’ head in his hands. The wobbly sensation of flesh under his skin repulsed him. He squeezed. Morpheus made mewling sounds as the pressure built on his brain.

Smith felt enraged. His hands could squash Morpheus’ head in a second, but he had to keep him alive to get the codes to the Zion mainframe. Smith had to give him pain, but not death. For a program… outside the Matrix… it would be a simple calculation. Pressure versus bone density; nothing could be clearer. Here, Smith was wrapped in tissue. Tissue had flaws. Flesh was inaccurate. The Matrix emulation of physical sensation distracted him. He had been in the Matrix too long, away from the elegance of code. He wanted to kill Morpheus. He wanted to torture him. He was sitting next to every answer that he needed, that the God Machine needed, and it simply did not matter to him. He had to fight these very… damn it… human… desires… to get what he needed.

This scene is the beginning of what I wanted to see happen in the first “Matrix” movie. I loved it on its own merits, but I thought the Wachowski brothers missed the boat on Agent Smith in the later movies. We have a sentient computer program, forced to live inside an environment with extraneous, chaotic, irrational data. Weather. Advertising. Fast food. People who don’t bathe. Morons. The programs deal with humans who penetrate the Matrix and sabotage their machine processes over and over again.

Smith is unique. Unlike the other agents, who exhibit cold, merciless logic, Smith shows impatience, anger and disgust. I wanted to see the Matrix becoming corrupted by the human minds that inhabited it. Subjected to the conditions he was forced to “live” in, I wanted to see Smith start to become human.

I can see him rebooting and having free will, like we saw in the sequels. I would have him wake up in an alley somewhere, completely disconnected from the command structure of the other agents. He would be alone. Mentally, he would be equivalent to a recovering psychotic. He’s had no social skills and no purpose other than killing, until now. He has no idea how to interact with humans like a real person; he has no motivations. Unlike the other agents, he can’t just “vanish” into the code like he used to. In addition to the smells that he despises so much, Agent Smith’s clothes wear out, he gets stuck in the rain, and his hair starts to grow.

In desperation, he turns to the person who made him the way he is, and begs him for help: Neo.

  1. johnnyrock30 says:

    “So this is how it ends, Mr. Anderson”
    “Who are you?”
    “Seriously… who the fuck else calls you Mr. Anderson!?!”


  2. writingsprint says:



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