The Girl and the Window: What Are Friends For?

Posted: September 22, 2013 by writingsprint in The Girl and the Window
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cat in lapKerri jumped when she saw the dead sparrow. It lay in the middle of her bedroom floor, presentation-style, and it hadn’t been there an hour ago. The cat was leaving her gifts again. “Ugh! Damn it, kitty!” Lady trotted into the room and sat down next to her trophy. Yes, I killed this. Yes, I did it for you.

Kerri called into the other room, “Andrea, your cat is a killer.”

“You might want to sleep lightly, then. And that’s your cat, not mine.”

Andrea kept setting up snacks in the living room. Kerri spotted popcorn in one bowl, Cheez-Its in another, and wine for both of them. A glamorous Saturday night. Kerri dug a dust pan from under the kitchen sink. “I don’t know where she finds them. She must be sneaking out the window when I’m not looking.”

“Do you need a hand?”

“I’ve got it. Get the movie queued up.” Andrea was squeamish anyway. It would take her twenty minutes to do what Kerri could take care of in five. Kerri swept the bird up, dumped it in the garbage, then dumped the garbage down the chute in the hallway.

Lady seemed surprised by all the fuss. The cat looked at the floor, at Kerri, and walked around her while she scrubbed the rug with disinfectant. Kerri looked at the cat as she said, “She hisses. She spits. She scratches. She acts like this apartment is hers.” The cat bumped foreheads with her. Awww.

Kerri flopped down in her easy chair across from Andrea. “Just like her mom.”

“Would that be me, or you?” Andrea asked.


Lady walked into the living room. She looked at Andrea, then at Kerri. Andrea said, “She’s wondering whose lap is warmer.”

“Who feeds you, kitty?” Kerri reminded Lady.

Lady sat down. Her regal posture reminded the two humans that it was an honor to have a cat in their lap.

“Whatever, your highness,” Kerri said.

Lady picked Kerri. The cat fidgeted until Kerri stretched out her legs, giving the cat more room to lay down.

“Brown noser,” Andrea said.

“Extra tuna for you tomorrow,” Kerri whispered. Lady seemed happy with that. She asked Andrea, “What movie did you bring?”


“Oh, I love that. Hey… since when do you like Brit TV?”

“I missed it when you left. I guess it rubbed off on me.” Andrea tried not to smile. “And you let me have visitation rights. I figured I owed you one.”

Kerri settled in. She had one friend in her lap, and another sitting across from her. What were friends for?


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