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catThe following morning, Kerri left a message with Andrea asking about the cat. Just making a move, any move, helped her feel better about Scrimmy. She didn’t even know if she’d like the gray tabby. In his picture at the coffee show, his whiskers were turned down and his eyelids were drooping. Either he had one bad attitude or he was stoned on catnip. Either way she didn’t know what she was getting into.

Andrea didn’t call back. Kerri sat watching TV with a pillow in her lap instead of the cat. How I Met Your Mother reruns faded into Project Runway. Kerri traded the blue velvet pillow for the green stitched pillow. She was about to try the faded pillow that came with the couch, the one that was coming apart on the ends, when she dropped her hands and asked out loud, “Why the hell hasn’t she called?”

Kerri tried to call Andrea again. She hung up in the middle of the fourth ring. She threw on her denim jacket and walked the four blocks over to Andrea’s apartment. The cloudy night threatened rain, but Kerri was already depressed from losing her cat. If she had to sit in her apartment alone one more night she was going to… she didn’t know what. Something.

The lights were on in Andrea’s apartment as she walked down the block. Andrea thought she could see shadows from someone walking around. Kerri buzzed the doorbell. Nothing. She buzzed it again. Still nothing. Kerri walked back out to the sidewalk and checked the window.

A tabby silhouette looked down at her. Kerri drew her breath. The shadow’s tail flicked slowly. Kerri couldn’t help smiling. She didn’t know if she was being judged or if the cat was curious. You could never tell with a cat. “Hi, kitty,” she whispered. Its ears twitched.

Now she had to meet it. It was a moral imperative.

A fire escape ran down the back of Andrea’s building. The first floor was a fenced-off yard, and the second floor was dark. Kerri climbed the fence and shinnied her way to the fire escape’s ladder. “I’m batgirl,” she told herself, to keep from losing her nerve. Once she had it in place, it was easy enough to climb up to Andrea’s apartment, assuming no one got the wrong idea and called the cops.

“What wrong idea would that be? I’m only breaking into my ex’s apartment,” she whispered aloud. Kerri didn’t care. She felt like she’d been dragging herself through emotional tar for weeks now.

The cat was waiting for her at the window to Andrea’s kitchen. “Hi, sweetie,” Kerri whispered. She tried to lift up the window, but for the first time ever, Andrea had locked it. She must have gone out and left the TV on. “Ugh! Come on, Andi! Give me a break.”

The cat didn’t have an opinion, but it did seem to be curious over the stray on the other side of the window. Kerri smiled. She scratched at the window where she would normally rub the cat behind the ears. The tabby pawed at her fingers.

“So cute,” Kerri said. “Well, all right, Mr. Tabby. My name’s Kerri, and I hope we meet again sometime soon.”


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