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coffee shopKerri sat by herself in the coffee shop. She was in the corner where the musicians played on Friday nights, under an abstract painting of Jimi Hendrix that looked like it had been taken through a kaleidoscope. The shop was filled with a scattering of students taking advantage of the wifi and neighborhood types who wanted a better cup of coffee than they would get at home. She finished the cake before the tea. Comfort food. She didn’t think she’d ever told the barista that the cinnamon apple cake was her favorite. One of her angels must have been looking out for her tonight.

“Hey there. Mind if I join you?”

Speak of the devil. The barista stood next to her chair, wiping his hands on a towel that hung from his belt.

“Sure,” Kerri said. He dragged over a nearby chair. She couldn’t remember his name. Billy. Tommy. Something that ended with a y. She noticed his name tag said ‘Jeff.’ Oh well.

“I wanted to let you know, if you want another cat, I think Andrea’s looking to give one away,” he said.

“For real? When did she get a cat?”

“About a month ago. She picked up a stray, like you did with Scrimmy.”

Kerri felt ill. The karmic convergences were too much to handle all at once. She asked, “But she doesn’t want to keep it?”

“I think it’s beating up her dog. There’s a poster over on the bulletin board.” He nodded to a cluttered piece of corkboard that hung on the wall behind her. Kerri had placed ads there herself for piano lessons and stuff she wanted to sell. Kerri looked. Halfway down, on the left, there was a picture of a gray tabby sitting on the couch where they used to hang out. The phone number on the poster was Andrea’s cell.

“It feels too soon to get another cat. Maybe I’ll go talk to her. I don’t know.”

“Does you need to talk to her?”

Kerri nodded.

“Then do it. You’ll handle the rest as you go.”

“You’re the best, Jeff.”


She blinked. “What?”

“I had to borrow someone else’s name tag. It’s part of the uniform. Jeff loaned me his spare so I wouldn’t get in trouble if the boss showed up.”

Kerri felt like an idiot. “Don’t mind me. I’m tired, I’m upset, and I actually had your name right in my head.”

“Don’t worry about it. I have to get back to work. Take care.”

Kerri made her way home. Between the tea, the cake and the conversation, she felt better. The space where Mr. Scrimshaw’s bed used to be still looked awfully empty, like seeing a vacant lot where your favorite playground once stood.

Still going with yesterday’s scene. I like the character and the chance to play with detail more than I usually do. Where will this one lead?


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