Inspiration Monday: Always Underestimated

Posted: July 23, 2013 by writingsprint in Uncategorized
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Phil sat on his bike on the roof of their bungalow, at the end of a ramp that he’d built with help from his friends. He’d done the math. If he hit the bottom as fast as he should, he would clear both his friend Jack’s car and his girlfriend Gina’s. Jack waited for Phil to go. Gina steadied the camera that was recording it for YouTube.

His mother had come home from her bridge game fifteen minutes early. She looked like her heart was about to drop out. Phil should have thought it looked funny, but it only made him angry.

“Phil, I’m only telling you once,” his mom said. “Get off your bike, and take down that ramp,” She looked like she was shaking.

Phil hesitated. “You’ve always underestimated me! I can do this!”

“Get down now, or I’m taking away your car keys for the next three months.”

“Go, Phil!” Jack yelled.

“You can do it!” Gina yelled.

Phil went for it before he lost his nerve.

The ground rolled up below him. Everyone screamed. His mother’s cut off as Phil went airborne.

The bike half flipped as it went over the cars. Phil hadn’t thought about the bike flipping, and he lost control. Now he screamed too. The bike came out from under him. Phil’s body pinwheeled. His arms and legs splayed out. When he hit the ground, Phil leg snapped through the shin like an overcooked chicken bone. Phil went into shock and he hit the ground limp. With a flash of sense, he was glad he’d worn his helmet.

Phil watched the next few minutes through a haze. His ears were ringing. Tears ran down Gina’s face as she dialed 911. Jack laughed. His mother wrung him by his shirt collar so hard that Phil heard Jack’s teeth knock together. She shoved him toward the sidewalk. She yelled something like he should go the hell home.

His mother knelt over him. “Don’t move, Phil. Don’t move. Do you understand me?”

Phil nodded. He said, “Sorry, mom.”

“Just like still. Can you feel your toes?”


“Is your neck all right?”

“Think so.”

“Stay put.” He looked at Gina. She looked like a wreck. It made Phil feel even worse. The makeup that used to be on her cheeks and her eyes had run all the way down to her chin. He looked at his mom again. “Well, you’re not making ESPN,” she said. “Maybe the next Jackass movie.”

This post is brought to you by the prompt “always underestimated” from Inspiration Monday at Be Kind Rewrite.

  1. djmatticus says:

    Whoops. Well… sometimes we just have to go for it!


  2. Christopher Shawbell says:

    Nice little story. Is any of that from person experience? You used the prompt well.
    Physics For Dummies … very underused text. Should be a YouTube Epic Fail consolation prize.
    See next inMon.


    • writingsprint says:

      Thanks! Not from my own experience. I do have a clear memory of thinking things always worked out when I was an adolescent. Nobody in our family ever had an injury worse than a sprain. Years later, my brother broke his leg, and it really shocked me.


  3. Stephanie says:

    Hahahaha. I love his mom’s last line.

    Dude, it has been far too long. My records show…over a year??? Where ya been?


    • writingsprint says:

      Hey there! Thanks. I tried to play up the fear, but I couldn’t help feeling like I was watching one of those ridiculous home videos. I’ve been working. My butt off. I just changed jobs to a company where I’ll be working from home. My goal is to spend the time that I used to spend commuting writing and doing yoga.


  4. elmowrites says:

    haha, seems like his Mom was the only one underestimating this time…


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