Note to Self

Posted: March 6, 2012 by writingsprint in Fun Stuff, Writing
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“Note to self: don’t forget the buttercreams.” Michael put down the shopping list. That one made absolutely no sense. “What the hell does that mean? Gary doesn’t like chocolates with fillings and he doesn’t leave ‘notes to self.'”

“He doesn’t? How does he write his shopping lists?”

Michael picked up a spiral-bound notebook by the phone. Strings of ripped paper hung through the wire binding like trapped spaghetti. “On this notebook. He’s done it that way since college.”

“But that’s his handwriting. I’d know it anywhere.” Sam’s eyebrows went up. “It’s a message for us.”

“Exactly.” Michael held the message against his forehead, pressed under his palm, as if he could will Gary’s thoughts through his skull into his brain. Buttercream, buttercream, buttercream…

He remembered Jeremy Piven saying those exact words in one of their favorite scenes from Rush Hour 2. They’d spent more than a few nights wrapping up Friday night happy hours eating pizza and watching that movie. “Vegas. We have to get to Vegas.”

“I like where your head’s at, Mike, but don’t you think we need to fix this first?”

“Not for fun. That’s where they’re taking Gary. It’s a shotgun wedding.”

Inspired by the prompt “note to self” from Inspiration Monday at Be Kind Rewrite.

  1. Ha! I love secret messages involving pop culture. Especially when there’s shotgun-wedding kidnapping involved.


  2. writingsprint says:

    I know… so many stories start this way ;-)….


  3. Kay Camden says:

    I love where this went. I can see these two as if they’re right in front of me. And I especially love your tags on this–they offer so much on your thought process.


    • writingsprint says:

      Thanks! This was sort of a cross between “Burn Notice” and “The Hangover.” I was watching “Burn Notice” at the time and was inspired by the banter between Michael and Sam. I pegged on the prompt “note to self,” and for some reason “buttercream” stuck in my head. Buttercream led to Vegas, so dangerous people + Vegas = shotgun wedding!


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