Deadly Paper

Posted: March 5, 2012 by writingsprint in Writing
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Friday, at midnight, the President signed termination directives, or what used to be called “kill orders” before the public relations department decided they should have a more sterile name. Other presidents signed them as needed, and this one did, too, but unless there was a sudden, urgent need to sign the paper now, and send the dogs of war in at that moment, he would wait until Friday at midnight.

His staff accepted it, but no one understood why he wanted it this way. The President wouldn’t say. As long as the urgent ones were signed when they were needed, no one asked questions.

The truth was, he wanted it to have a sense of ritual. Laws affected lives, but kill orders changed the course of history. The President sighed. 12:01; he was late. Two directives waited for his signature. He opened the bottom drawer on the left side of his desk. From it, he took out a white candle, and a gilded fountain pen that had been a gift from the previous president. He lit the candle and prayed.

“Amen,” he said.

12:02. The Secretary of Defense entered the Oval Office. “Shall I take those, sir?”

“Just a moment.” He uncapped the pen. The Seals were waiting.

This post was inspired by the prompt “Deadly Paper” from last week’s Inspiration Monday at Be Kind Rewrite.

  1. Powerful look into a very private moment involving an act that will soon become very public.


  2. writingsprint says:

    And every Friday, he signs a few more


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