Abandoned Cars

Posted: November 20, 2011 by writingsprint in postaday2011, postaweek2011, Writing
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It always struck me funny how we would find abandoned cars in the woods near our house. It was hard to imagine how the cars got there, driving between the trees. To me it’s a very provocative image. Who drove the car there? Why did they abandon it? Where are they now? Are they coming back?

Abandoned Cars Jason and his best friend Sam liked to go exploring in the woods. Sometimes they found campfires that kids or homeless people had left, with empty bottles of beer or crushed-out cigarettes. Jason liked it better when they found funny-shaped stones. Once Sam found a silver dollar. Jason’s favorite was still a long, thin, white rock that he swore was a fossilized bone. He wouldn’t show it to his parents because he didn’t want anyone to break the mystery.

Sam saw the car first. “Jason, look!” he said, and ran ahead of Jason.

“Come on…,” Jason moaned. He hated it when Sam found stuff first. He always tried to grab the good stuff and hide it from him. He ran up behind Sam. There were two cars. One was pushed up on a rock, with the front end caved in. Sam was trying to climb inside. “Be careful, stupid. If you get cut my mom’ll blame me for not stopping you.”

“I’m not going to get cut. Your mom worries too much.”

“So does yours. I wonder where the windows went.”

Jason was brave enough to climb up on the car, but not with Sam on it already. Jason didn’t like the angle that the car was tipped. If Sam climbed far enough, or if they both did, Jason could see it tipping over.

“What’s in there?”

He could hear Sam’s grin. “Don’t you wanna see?”


“Why don’t you go check the other one?”

Jason thought it was wiser to keep an eye on his friend, but that was almost a dare, and Jason wouldn’t let that go. He ran to the other car, walked on the hood, and tried to see inside. There was a thud and an “oof” behind him. Jason looked back and saw Sam’s legs disappear inside the other car. “Are you all right?” Jason called.

Sam yelled back something muffled that didn’t sound like panic or pain. Jason saw Sam’s hand reach up and wave to him in a casual, “go away” gesture. Jason turned back to his car. It was blue, a Honda, and the gray craters of steel showed through where paint had peeled away.


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