The Gunman is Useless

Posted: October 14, 2011 by writingsprint in Brainstorming, postaday2011, postaweek2011, Writing
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Mercenary Sniper“Sniper, what the hell is happening? I gave you a kill order.”


“Answer me, goddamn it.”

“I cannot take this shot. My wife is in the crowd.”

“Your wife?”


“Shoot someone farther away, then. We have to get this crowd under control.”

“No. She knows I’m here. She’ll know it was me.”

“What does she think you do for a living? Does she think you shoot gumdrops?”

“She thinks I shoot criminals, not political protestors.”

“Sniper, this is a direct order. Take the damned shot.”


“Take the shot or I’ll order weapons free from our men on the ground.”

“There are children out there!”

“Then you’d better make the right choice.”

This post was inspired by “The gunman is useless,” a prompt from Inspiration Monday at Be Kind Rewrite. There were easier choices, but this one was too wacky not to use. The fun part was to see if I could write something that was only dialogue, like listening to the radio transmissions between the sniper and his commander.

  1. Very cool. A scary thought, an intriguing concept, and snappily written.


  2. writingsprint says:

    Thank you! The prompts were extra vivid this week. My other thought was to riff on the Lone Gunmen, the comic relief characters from The X Files.


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  4. Mike says:

    Well written.
    I love the way the dialogue developed the story and the tension.


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