Raindrops from the Roof

Posted: September 24, 2011 by writingsprint in postaday2011, postaweek2011, Writing
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"Raindrops from the Roof" by Matthew Beall

"Raindrops from the Roof" by Matthew Beall

Art loved the rain. His friends called him Artie; his wife called him Marshmallow when no one else was around. His wife had been in Heaven for seven years now, and Art needed some time away from his friends. He sat on the porch of the family house by the lake in New England, watching the rain fall off the roof gutters. Tiny stars of rain fell off the edge, glittering worlds of water, beads of glass that landed on the deck and vanished into worlds pooling at the bottom. Each drop was a disaster to the microbes underneath and life to the ants and soil that they filled up. Art smiled. He’d smoked two doobies in the past three hours. He hadn’t done that since the sixties, and it made him feel young. “As long as I don’t strip naked and go running through the woods again,” he said to himself. He hadn’t done that since the sixties, either, and what had been charming and applauded then would get him labeled a freak today.

It felt ironic now. Today, he walked in the rain for fun. When he was a kid, he had first learned to love the rain on a day at school when he’d been too shy to talk to anyone, and he felt like he had nothing to say. It had been raining outside. During recess, he sat down by the window and looked outside at the rain falling. The thousands of water drops landing in the schoolyard reminded him of tears. It felt peaceful. For some reason, if the world was crying for him, he didn’t have to feel sad, so the sadness slipped away, and he just sat there watching the rain.

This post was inspired by a prompt from Indigo Spider.

  1. Indigo Spider says:

    You packed so much into just a few lines. Amazing little bio in flash fiction form. I love the last line, perhaps because I love a rainy day just for that reason.

    Happy you found my prompts helpful, hope you join again in the future!


  2. writingsprint says:

    Thanks! I absolutely will. You have great taste in photos, and interesting photographs and images always inspire me.


    • Indigo Spider says:

      Thanks, I try, sometimes I miss the mark but, well, can’t always find photos that spark! Feel free to check out past SPP’s and use any photo that strikes you. There is a tab that lists from the very first SPP down to the latest to make it easy to search through.


      • writingsprint says:

        Will do. For my “image of the week” I’ve Googled “beautiful photo,” “strange photo,” and “black and white photography.” Some weeks are better than others. Today I used “eye photo.” If I find a good, interesting photograph site I’ll let you know.


  3. Indigo Spider says:

    Appreciate any help in finding interesting photos! It is hard to find decent photos that are not blocked due to copyright protections.


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  5. Very happy my photograph was an inspirational prompt for your story. Nicely written.


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