The best pizza I ever had

Posted: July 18, 2011 by writingsprint in Memories, My two cents, postaday2011, postaweek2011, Writing
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The question was “describe the perfect meal,” and pizza jumped into my head, so I’m rolling with it. The best pizza I ever had was the “pizza duo” from Larry & Carol’s pizza in the Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh. The duo is a pizza baked on top of a pizza, so with every bite you’re getting twice the taste, twice the delicious bread, twice the gooey, delicious, sizzling melting cheese that gives you third degree burns inside your mouth that you cherish for a week. The sauce tasted kind of like Prego spaghetti sauce, only better. I’m sorry to say that the year was 1990, back when I was in college, so I really can’t testify to how good they are now. Fingers crossed, I hope it’s still awesome.

I spent many a night sitting on the floor of my dorm room chowing down on slice after slice. A cheese-dripping slice was in one hand, and a Coke was in the other, while a stack of books waiting to be studied sitting on the desk behind me. Music pounded out from my neighbor’s room. I was in pizza heaven. My record was half a duo; I was 20 and could burn half my body weight in calories just walking around.

Why pizza? I don’t know. I’ve had dinners in five-star restaurants since then, and other, fantastic dinners. I think it’s because no dinner is friendlier or more fun than sitting on the floor with your friends having pizza. Pizza makes beer taste better. I think the only thing that rivals the fun of pizza is barbecue, because then you get to burn your own food. But barbecue takes preparation and work. With pizza, you make the call, you have the food, you throw away the boxes and you’re done.


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