Haggling with the Kidnappers

Posted: February 23, 2011 by writingsprint in postaday2011, postaweek2011, Science fiction, Shatter, Writing
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Bob stood with the back door behind him, so that the second agent wouldn’t have a clear shot on him except through the door. It wouldn’t stop a bullet but it would stop a taser, which was all he was authorized to use.

The agent took out his phone, showed it to Bob, and set up the Skype connection. “He wants to see her,” he said to whoever answered. He waited a moment, then tossed his phone over to him.

The connection was live. Adrienne looked okay. She was holding the phone at the other end. She was sitting in an easy chair, in the corner of a room, and didn’t look tied up. There was nothing descriptive about the room behind her; he couldn’t see the carpeting and the walls were painted off white. It could have been any apartment or house. She gasped when she saw him. “Honey?” she asked.

“Hi Adri. Are you okay?”

She looked up past the phone, at whomever was keeping an eye on her in the room. “Could be better, but they haven’t hurt me, if that’s what you mean.” She smirked. “I tried calling out to you with my thoughts a dozen times. I guess it doesn’t work from across town.”

Bob looked up at the agent across the room – he was surprised to notice that he hadn’t picked up his name yet. The agent smiled. “I’ll make a note of that for Dr. Sekare.”

“What do they want?” she asked.

“Me. I’m not sure what exactly for, yet.”

“What’s the plan?”

“I guess I’m going to do what they say.”

“Are you sure that’s what you want to do?”

36th and Fairview. They had her in a house on 36th and Fairview. It was only a few blocks from here. There were two guards watching her. The first agent was cool as a cucumber, but the second, who just found out he couldn’t come in through the back door, lost control for a second there.

“Yeah. They don’t want to damage the package, so they won’t hurt me. I won’t let them hurt you.”

“Just don’t be a hero, okay?”

Bob asked the agent, “I’m not going to have to be a hero, am I?”

“My orders are to get you there as undamaged as possible,” he replied. “If you get heroic, I’ll do whatever I need to do.”

“Mace, drugs? Stun gun?”

He smiled again. “I’ll surprise you.”

Bob didn’t expect a government hit man to have a sense of humor. Why not, though? They were completely in control. As he the agent chuckled, Bob had flash images of dollar bills and MRI machines, magnetic slices of human brains. He wasn’t working for the government. This guy used to be government, now he was corporate. There was more money in the private sector, less pesky regulations. “Let her go first. Bring her back here, and I’ll go with you.”


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