The Moonlight Walkway

Posted: February 7, 2011 by writingsprint in Fantasy, postaday2011, postaweek2011, Weird, Writing
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At the end of one of my brainstorming sessions I wrote, “The image of a darkened room, then one single candle, held by someone whose face I can barely see. I guess I’ll write that one next time.”

The room was dark like the inside of a cave. Carli reached out, wondering in a dreamlike way if she would touch the smooth, bumpy, damp surface of stalagmites.

She was about to call out when someone lit a match in the middle of the room. The light jabbed her eyes. Whoever was holding the match was silhouetted by the flare, and Carli couldn’t tell if they were a man or woman, old or young.

The room was a library. Books hugged the wall and disappeared in a vault overhead that went out of sight. The dark felt like invisible hands reaching down to pull her up into it. Carli couldn’t help hunching lower. She tried to make herself smaller and stay out of the web of darkness above her.

The match lit a candle, and the candle bearer turned. It was a woman. Carli could see a dress and the curve of her waist and bosom. The candle was dim enough that she could only see hints of her face in trickles of red light.

“I’m here for the boy,” Carli said. “Help me find him.”

“The master wants the child. The master will have what he wants. He will have the child’s soul.” The woman’s voice sounded like a cold whisper. Carli remembered it from her first night in the house; the voice by her bedside that she couldn’t quite hear.

“Help me find him.”

The candle light flickered and Carli had a brief, better look at her. She looked like a chamber maid. Her eyes and mouth were folded with the sad lines of a mother who had known loss. “The path is closed to flesh without the master’s bidding.”

“The threshold to the other side is in flesh and ice, spirit and cold,” Carli quoted. She pointed at the candle. “Flesh will walk by spirit’s light.”

The maid swallowed. That was all Carli could see, but if the sudden cold that prickled her skin was any measure, the woman was terrified. “I can take you to the master and your child. I can guide you through the dark places but only flesh can restore you to flesh.”

“I know.” Carli nodded and held out her hand. She was jumping without a parachute. Dr. Marcus was breaking speed records to get here, but even if he got here in time, if he couldn’t revive her, they would both be trapped on the other side. “Take me to my son.”

When you write something like this, and a pillow falls over on the couch next to you for no reason, it makes you jump!


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