Everyone needs friends (continued)

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This is the end of the scene in Shatter, where Bob is talking to his girlfriend Adrienne about breaking a glass with his mind.

She didn’t have the same smile in it, the inviting feeling that their kisses usually did. He touched her hair and leaned his forehead against hers. “Are you okay?”

“Well, no.” She backed up and leaned against the shelves behind the counter. They were filled with books and things that customers had ordered, and were waiting for pickup. “Yesterday you’re learning to sift through thoughts. I get that. Today you actually blew something up. Why aren’t you freaked out?”

Bob smiled a half smile. He hadn’t thought about it but now it hit him. “It was the first time I saw Dr. Sekare jump instead of me. It felt good to see him jump. I think I’ve seen enough movies with people using the Force and whatnot that breaking the glass didn’t surprise me.”

Adrienne wrote up a sign that said “Back at 1:00” and hung it in the door. She drew the shades on the front window, and she and Bob went into the back room of the store. This was where she sometimes had meetings for the local astrology club and other things. Bob made tea while she swept the room for bugs. Adrienne was an amateur conspiracy theorist. Bob didn’t sense anyone watching them nearby, but better safe than sorry. Adrienne didn’t find anything.

“I’m worried,” Adrienne said. She wrapped her fingers around a mug of tea to warm them. To her it was a small way to give something a hug; she wanted something to hold on to, too.

“Dr. Sekare didn’t know what to do about it. All he could think about was writing it down, then his mind was off and racing with implications and how it happened and anatomically what it meant. I had this sudden rush of pictures of the brain in my head, line drawings with words I can’t even pronounce, pointing to where he thought it came from.” Bob gave it some thought. “He’s going to want tests. He’s going to want to see if I can do it again.”

“Oy. That’s all we need.” She stroked his forehead. Bob smiled and let her do that. He held her other hand – carefully, since that was the one holding her tea. “How did the mirror session go?”

“Today it felt like there was a crack in my head, and I could feel it widening from the inside out.” Adrienne grabbed her teeth in sympathetic pain. “I got an idea. Today, when the glass broke, I let go and got angry at the doc. I’m thinking that, one of these days, I’m going to let that crack swallow me up and just see what happens.”

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