I didn’t used to know what a coulis is

Posted: January 7, 2011 by writingsprint in Fun Stuff, postaday2011, postaweek2011

After a long week at work and a week of my wife putting up with my blogging, we decided to go out to dinner and just relax.

Ow. Sorry. I just sneezed, and the dent in my head from when I walked into a door today hurt like someone was making origami with my forehead. It’s bad when you see stars, but good when it doesn’t bleed, right?

We went to dinner at Friday Saturday Sunday, which may be the most charming little restaurant I’ve ever had dinner in. We’re sort of regulars; we go once every couple of months, at least once a year, because we love it that much. The restaurant was full but it was just the two of us, and they were able to seat us immediately in a corner table in the back. The restaurant’s built in a space the size of a small downtown house, but laid out so that there are enough corners to have some privacy if you want it. I smiled when I recognized some of the wait staff that were there tonight: that means I’m enough of a regular that I’m starting to recognize faces, and I also remembered the service with a smile and attentiveness that we’d gotten from these same faces the other times we’d been here.

We had a view of the rest of the dining room, and I had a view of the mural on the wall that I’d never seen before: it was a deer, and reminded me of once when we saw a deer crossing one of streams in Pennypack Park when I used to run there.

I’d tell you about the wine selection if I drank any, but I’m a beer man, and I can tell you the Sierra Nevada I had was cold and served in a cool pilsner glass. The bread was good. We tried to hold off from devouring it to leave room for our meals, but we’re both bread fiends, and we couldn’t resist.

For starters, we had a small plate of lobster ravioli, with a peppery cream sauce that make the dish taste like pasta smothered in lobster bisque soup, and an appetizer of butternut squash ravioli. We traded raviolis so that we’d each have a taste. Conversation was about some good experiences at work – which was kind of a surprise, since work stories are usually war stories – and we shared some thoughts on the top 3 places in the world we’d like to travel someday. Yes, I stole a conversation idea from WordPress. What can I say, I liked the topic. Highlights were Rio de Janeiro, Sydney, and Cairo. You have to love a nation that loves music and dance so much that it’s a national obsession; Sydney looks gorgeous and has to be a blast; the history and mystery of ancient Egypt have a lure that’s timeless.

For dinner, we had Australian rack of lamb (medium), and one of the dinner specials, a New York strip steak (medium rare) prepared with a light chili rub and with a lime avocado sauce on the side, both with au gratin potatoes, spinach and rosemary garnish. Conversation continued with reminiscing the holidays.

After dinner we shared a vanilla cheesecake with berry coulis. Think of your regular cheesecake, twice as thick, with a taste that was as smooth as white chocolate, with that little bit of an edge that vanilla scent can have, sitting next to half a plate of a strawberry / raspberry sauce.

Sure beats Friday night pizza.


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